Beer Flavor Wheel

The Beer Flavor Wheel is similar to the Wine Wheel used in other classes.

On closer inspection, you will see that this 'flavor' wheel is actually made up of odor and taste characteristics. Some would texture to the characteristics as well.

  •  Aromatic, Fragrant, Fruity, Floral (ODOR)
  •  Resinous, Nutty, Green, Grassy (ODOR)
  •   Cereal (ODOR)
  •   Caramelized, Roasted (ODOR)
  •   Phenolic (ODOR)
  •   Soapy, Fatty, Diacetyl, Oily, Rancid (ODOR)
  •   Sulfury (ODOR)
  •   Oxidized, Stale, Musty (ODOR)
  •   Sour, Acidic (ODOR, TASTE)
  •   Sweet (ODOR, TASTE)
  •   Salty (TASTE)
  •   Bitter (TASTE)
  •   Mouthfeel (TASTE, ODOR)
  •   Fullness (TASTE, ODOR)

Click on the wheel to see it more clearly or download the pdf file of the Beer Wheel from below.

Bean Fairbanks,
Apr 8, 2012, 2:38 AM