How To Install DRL Files

Foo Basic® How To Install DRL Files

How To Install DRL Zip File On Your Web Server

Important: DRL files allow your Foo Basic project to run on live web servers. You must follow the directions (part A and part B) below to properly install your DRL zip file. The directions below assume you've already requested and receive your DRL zip file by email from our technical support team.

  1. Create a new folder named "DRL" on your Windows desktop. 
  2. Locate Foo Basic email that contains your DRL zip file and download the DRL zip file to your newly created "DRL" desktop folder.
  3. Unzip (extract) all the files contained inside of the zip file to the same "DRL" folder on your Windows desktop.
  4. Now copy all the files you just unzipped to your project's build file's "App_Data" sub folder located on your web server.
  5. You're almost done. On your web server's folder, look in the same location as the "App_Data" folder (you just copied files to), is a sub folder named "App_Code" (which contains one file named "init.vb"). 
    Open the App_Code folder and select the "init.vb" file with your mouse and right click on this file and select "Open With" menu item and then browse and select it to open in Windows Notepad. 
  6. Simply type a single quote ' and the current time on the first line of the file and save and close the file. If you do not include the single quote ' before typing the time or fail to save the "init.vb" file after you edit it, the DRL installation will not work. 
    The reason its important to edit the init.vb file is the edit triggers the server to recompile your project on the server and forces the server include the newly added DRL files which in turn allows your project to run on your live web server without the "DRL required message".

Require help installing your DRL files on your web or shared server? Our staff can install all the DRL files for you for a small fee of $15 per request. Simply send your request to and your DRL files will be installed the same day. 
Note: New free DRL files are only provided to purchasers with active Foo Basic licences. Purchase your copy today!