How To Deploy Your Application

Foo Basic® Easy Deployment

How To Deploy Web Studio Website and Web Applications

To make your Foo Basic Web Studio website and or web application live and available to the world over the internet simply:

  1. Obtain an affordable or free shared web hosting account from one of the companies listed below (or if you have a web server that supports .NET Framework 4.5.1, you can use your own web server as well). 
  2. Log into your web hosting account and create a .NET application folder (if you're uncertain on how to create a .NET application folder, simply send an email to your web hosting company's technical support staff and I'm sure they will provide you the easy steps required to create the folder).
  3. Upload all the files located in your Foo Basic project's "build" folder to the .NET application folder you created on your shared hosting account or web server. You're done! Your Foo Basic Web Studio project is live on the internet and available to the world! 

Note: If  you haven't requested and installed DRL (Domain Runtime License) files for your newly uploaded project, when you try to load it in a web browser you will receive a message stating to request and install free DRL files. Simply follow the directions in "How To Install DRL Files" section. Note: New free DRL files are only provided to purchasers with active Foo Basic licences. Purchase your copy today!

Below is a current list of a few web hosting companies that fully support Foo Basic Web Studio 4.x websites and applications:

To add your web hosting company to our list simply contact us at: