Foo Basic® Web Studio

Foo Basic® For Phone Apps Studio

Asp.Net Auto Ajax Web IDE

Allows You To Focus On Your Project's Requirements, Not Technology

Foo Basic is designed to be intuitive for anyone to learn to web program.

Create your own web apps, commercial web apps, web games, web utilities and more with Foo Basic! This object-oriented cross-browser web development tool enables ordinary people to create extraordinary web applications for the Web that run identically in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. Download it now and get started for free.

Thinking about learning to program and feel it might be too hard to learn? 
Foo Basic is designed from the ground up to make it easy for anyone to learn to program. From online referenceonline tutorialscode samples, and videos to help you create your first app. You could be creating and reselling your .NET websites in no time!