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Fon is a nice idea: you share your internet connection by wifi and get free access all around the world  from others using the same system.

Well, looking at this more closely I find some problems:

1) safety.

What if someone uses my wifi connection to do things I disagree and that are possibly illegal? This question is no absurd and irrelevantthinking, it happened about one hour after I had my fon router installed: I suddenly had my internet connection warning me of heavy loading, I had about 250kB/s upload and about 400 kB/s download and when I checked the log of my router where the fon wifi thingy was connected to I had quite a lot of disgusting site names listed. This made me think about my own safety: what if the person enjoying the porn was sharing or downloading illegal stuff? It is my personal account listed in the server logs and there is no way for me to prove it was not me surfing those sites or uploading things.

That's not all: Fon now offers 15 minutes of free access to anyone. Fon tries to promote their idea by offering those 15 free minutes by showing a 30 sec commercial and offering 5 cents to the person sharing the bandwith. Nice idea, but: fon does not check the email address required to register the free access, all that fon checks is the MAC address of the network interface card and everyone interested in some computer things can easily find ways to spoof the address, so it's not 15 minutes but unlimited access! and there is NO WAY to check the identity of the person using those free 15 minutes. Sure, there are easier ways to get internet access, but fon pushes responsibilty to the people who share their bandwith and does not offer means to keep them safe. Tunneling traffic via VPN to fon would be a solution, but fon seems to be afraid to take the bandwith and/or responsibility.

2) money.

Fon is a company and fon wants to make money. Fon pretends to be a nice community but facing the main investors you can easily see that it's about money. I still like the basic idea, even though it's quite the opposite of a business model. Who should buy tickets? Why should anyone buy tickets?


I declared my personal concerns in various ways (comments to martin's blog, messages to discussion boards etc.) and after a problem with the hardware (my neffew disassambled the router) I decided to quit fon, but still care about a neighbours fonera.