The Department

The Department:

The Village of Fontana Police Department is located in the Public Safety Building along  with the Fire Department and EMS directly across the street from The Abbey Resort  at the corner of Fontana Boulevard and Douglas Street. 

Today the Department employs 10 full and part-time employees; a chief, 1 sergeant, 4 full time officers, 3 part time officers, an administrative assistant, and a non sworn seasonal community service officer.  24 hour coverage is provided and 911 dispatching duties are handled by the Walworth County Sheriff's Department.



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Chief of Police

Chief Jeff Cates


Sergeant Derrick Goetsch

Administrative Assistant (civilian)

Stephanie Klug


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Sworn Full Time Officers

Officer Mark Chalchoff

Officer Aaron West

Officer Chris Brunning

Officer Nick Knorr


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Sworn Part-time Officers

Officer Greg Ryan

Officer Lisa Gavahan

Officer Ruth Hooper


Non-Sworn Staff

Community Service Officer (seasonal)


Office business hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm (except holidays).  If you come to the PD at a different time or no one answers the door, a phone is located in a green box next to the door that will contact Walworth County Dispatch. During normal business hours the following services are available: 

  • Fingerprinting for Employment if you are resident or worker in Fontana (please call and make an appointment)

  • Copies of Reports (please call ahead to save time)

  • Municipal Citations Payment - Not Parking Citations

  • Crime Prevention Material

  • WI self reporting motor vehicle accident forms

  • Vehicle and boat registration forms

  • Alarm registration

The Department has 4 squads and 1 NEV.  Most of the squads are fully equipped with the latest in law enforcement technology including:

  • Emergency Lights

  • Radios

  • Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)

  • Radar

  • In Squad Video Camera

  • Digital Camera

  • Preliminary Breath Tester

  • First Aid Kit

  • Cellular Telephone

  • Rifle 

  • Automatic External Defibulator (DEFIBS)

  • Gas mask

  • Evidence Collection Kit

Officers carry portable radios to communicate with other officers and the dispatch center when away from their squad.  A back-up radio system can be operated from the Public Safety Building in the event the dispatch center is out of service.

The Department uses a computerized records system that is accessible in the squads and we have the ability to conduct vehicle and driver license checks through the computer link in the squad cars.  Each squad now has the capability to print citations using a computer program called TRACS. 

The Department also maintains an extensive evidence collection, processing and storing capability with the ability to send items to the state crime lab for in-depth analysis. We also have a Intoximeter to test suspected intoxicated drivers at our police department.

Each officer participates in on-going training each year, which includes the state required in-service and specialized training to improve each officer's unique skills and all newly hired officers must complete a field training program that lasts several months. Fontana is one of a the few law enforcement agencies in the area that requires its officers to have at least an associate's or a bachelor's degree in Police Science or Criminal Justice.

Officers are equipped with Taser Axon Body Cameras. Officers are wearing cameras on their uniforms to record contacts with individuals, gather evidence for court, and reduce liability.

Officers have been trained in tactical EMS and now each carry tourniquets.  


The Department participates in various national, state, and county organizations; such as the county wide drug unit, sexual assault task force, a criminal information exchange network, and the Walworth County Traffic Task Force.

The Fontana Police Department collects food for the local food pantry in a program we call  "Feed The Need".  Every year near Christmas, donations can be made at the Fontana Police Department or if you live in Fontana contact the on duty officer at 262 275 2275 and they will pick up the items.

Because we realize that a large number of our residents live here only in the summer or go on a short vacation, we offer the opportunity to have their house checked during the time they are not here.  To have your house checked, stop at the Police Department and complete a form.

Tours of the Police Department can be arraigned for neighborhood associations, religious or social organizations or scouts.  To setup a tour contact the Police Department during normal business hours.

Our department is dedicated to the safety of the victims of family violence.  We are asking that citizens donate their used cell phones to the Fontana Police Department who will give them to the county Association for the Prevention of Family Violence.  The APFV will give them to victims of domestic abuse so they can summon police if needed. You can turn in your phones at the Fontana Police Department located at 190 Fontana Blvd in Fontana or at the Village Hall.

Would you like to have an officer speak at your next social or group function? We can arrange to have an officer speak to your group on any of a number of topics or just to answer your questions.

If you have expired or unwanted prescription medication there is a drop box located in the entryway of Fontana Village Hall 175 Valley View Drive.

Firearm ammunition that you no longer want these items can be dropped off at the Fontana Police Department with no questions asked.