Municipal Court

Fontana Municipal Court:


The Fontana Municipal Court is a separate entity of the Village government and is independent of the Police Department.

Municipal Court is held at the Village Hall at 175 Valley View Dr (Highway 67).  Court is held two Thursdays a month at 5:00 PM.  If you were issued a citation, your citation will either be marked "appearance required" or "appearance NOT required".  If your citation is marked "appearance NOT required", you do not have to attend court, however you must either pay the fine prior to the court date or notify the court you wish to plead not guilty and have a trial date set. If you fail to pay or appear you will be found guilty by default, and a warrant will be issued and/or your license to drive will be suspended.

In addition to having your driver's license suspended and a warrant issued the Village will submit the paperwork to the state to have your income tax refund sent to them until the full amount is paid.

Any questions about the Municipal Court should be directed to the Clerk of Courts at (262) 275-5633, or by Email

ATTN: Clerk of Courts

Fontana Municipal Court

P.O. Box 114

Fontana, WI 53125