Fontana Ordinances

OPEN CARRYING OF FIREARMS: The Village has amended its ordinance to come in compliance with the open carry law which allows  the carrying of firearms in plain view except in public buildings, public parks/property and private business where posted.

SMOKING: The Village has adopted the state law regarding the banning of smoking in many public places.

DOGS: Dogs are allowed on the beach from October 15th until April 1st but are prohibited the rest of the year.  Dogs are  permitted in Reid Park and baseball diamonds, but they must be on a leash and all waste must be picked up.  Dogs are now allowed at the village compost area near the Duck Pond Recreational area.  Please have control of your pets at all time and make sure to pick up their waste. Dogs over six months of age must be licensed by the Village. Licenses can be obtained at the Village Hall.

HOUSE NUMBERING: To help locate homes faster in emergencies and non emergencies  the Village has an ordinance requiring your house number (house number, not pier number) to be visible .  We suggest numbers that are at least 3-4 inches in height and in a color that sticks out from your house so it will be clearly visible. If your house is not visible from the street number your mail box. This helps any responding emergency personnel to find the location quickly.

FIREWORKS: Possession and use of fireworks are prohibited inside the Village unless a permit is obtained from the Village Board. Fireworks are best defined as anything that explodes and/or can fly.  Please contact the Village Hall for more information.

FALSE ALARMS: In an effort to curb costly and time consuming false alarms the Village adopted an ordinance requiring all home and businesses with intrusion, fire and medical alarms to be registered with the Police Department. The registration is free and only takes a few moments. If you have more than three false alarms in a 12 month period you will be cited.

THE BEACHES: For everyone's safety, grills and glass items are prohibited on the public beaches. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the beaches as they are in all public areas such as parks, streets or piers

TRANSIENT MERCHANTS/DOOR TO DOOR SALESMEN: Transient merchants are defined as someone selling a product such as a cleaning product, magazine subscriptions or someone selling a service such as driveway blacktopping or painting. Transient merchants (door to door sales people) must have a license issued by the village. Non profit groups such as the Girl Scouts or religious organizations are not considered transient merchants and do not need the license.

When a transient merchant applies for a license the Village conducts a background check of the applicant and documents who they are to provide a level of verification should there be any complaints. The Village license is not an endorsement of their product or service. We have found that even though we post signs telling peddlers to register, most refuse to do so. Some sales people will claim they do not need a Village license since they may have a state license, which is untrue. If you are approached at your home or place of business by a sales person selling a product or service, ask to see their 'village permit' if they cannot or will not produce one, they are selling illegally and you should ask them to leave. We ask that you then promptly call the police and report the person. Help us protect you and your neighbors from con artists and questionable products and service. Please call us promptly.