• Winter Parking Regulations are over for the year which means Pay to Park is now in effect.  If you do not have a Fontana parking pass and you park in a marked parking stall during the posted hours, you now have to use the Pay to Park machines.
  • A reminder, no items can be placed in the right of way.  This includes skateboard ramps and basketball hoops.
  • SCAMS AND CON MEN:   Remember the old adage " If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is", anyone can become the victim of a scam.  This may include someone contacting you saying that you've won a prize or it might be someone posing as a government employee like an IRS or FBI agent.  These government agencies will not ask for your banking or personal information over the phone.  Help us protect others from falling prey, call us immediately when you think someone is trying to scam you or a friend.
  • The bridge spanning the Abbey Harbor on Fontana Blvd will be closing for repairs on October 15th.  The bridge will be closed for vehicle and foot traffic until sometime in May 2016.