CalRoads App

The CalRoads Android Application shows road restriction reports from Caltrans and incident reports from CHP in a format that is easier to read.
Caltrans road restrictions include wind advisories, closed roads and winter chain control. CHP incident reports include accidents, road debris and road closures.

The home page shows 3 tabs:
Caltrans, CHP and Favorites. The screen shots below show examples of CalRoads.

The Caltrans tab shows a list of all numbered roads. Each list item indicates the part of the state with road restrictions. If you click on a road or enter its number in the text field, CalRoads displays details about the road.  The region names are color coded to indicate whether the road is closed (red), has warnings (yellow) or has no restrictions (green). When the "Show" button is depressed, CalRoads shows the details about the restrictions.

 Home Page for Caltrans Tab
Note colors of regions' names
 Home Page for CHP Tab
Further Details Below
Initial Caltrans Page for SR 1
Warnings in Central and Northern California

Page for SR 1 with Details Shown

Initial Page for SR 2 with
Closings in Southern California

Page for SR 2 with Details Shown

The CHP tab shows all CHP regional dispatch centers in blue, ordered in a geographical order.  If you depress a blue row, it expands to show local CHP areas within the region, each in green.  The number in each row shows the number of incidents.  If you click on a green row, CalRoads shows partial details about each incident. If you depress, the "Show Details", CalRoads shows full details about the incident. CalRoads translates the cryptic CHP abbreviations into English. Sometimes, CalRoads keeps the original term and shows the translation within square brackets.  A menu item lets you see the raw data if you wish.

 Home Page for CHP Tab
There are 66 Incidents
CHP tab with Humboldt Center expanded

 Information for Humboldt Area
Note that there are "No Details"

CHP Tab with Golden Gate 
Center Expanded 

 Information about 2 Incidents in
Contra Costa Area 
 Details about the first Contra Costa Incident

 CHP Tab further into
Golden Gate Center
 Information about 3 Incidents
in San Jose Area

 Details about the 2nd San Jose Incident
Shown with Translated CHP data,
some translations are in brackets

 Details about the 2nd San Jose Incident
Shown with Raw CHP Data

The Favorites tab shows Caltrans roads and CHP areas that you have selected as your favorites.

 Favorites Tab with CHP incidents
and Caltrans restrictions

 Favorites Tab with Different
Order of Items as specified by
the Settings Menu

Favorites Tab with Menus  Menu "Share via ..."