Thommen Medical (SPI Dental Implant System)

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Thommen Implant System

Thommen Medical provides a time-proven Swiss implant system for all therapeutic areas that is based on more than 25 years of clinical experience. With this heritage of quality and precision, the Thommen Implant System was developed to satisfy today's demanding clinical requirements: it is simple and easy to use; it offers true surgical and prosthetic flexibility; and it serves as the basis for
highly esthetics restorations.

The Thommen Implant System offers implants suitable for subgingival and transgingival placement, and which feature the same platform design and sizes to make prosthetic component selection and preparation straightforward. A diverse range of prosthetic components, including cemented and screw-retained solutions, allows the clinician to plan and deliver restorations with an ideal harmony of high-level esthetics and reliable function.

Continual improvement is an integral part of Thommen Medical's R&D philosophy, and one that is reflected clearly in the Thommen Implant System as well. Innovations designed to simplify handling, improve versatility, and adapt to new treatment concepts, are embodied in unique products such as these:

  • SPI®VECTOdrill", with its unique self-guiding tip (patent pending) that brings a new degree of precision to implant bed preparation
  • SPI®CONTACT implant, having a hybrid conical/cylindrical design that makes it ideal for immediate or early implant placement following tooth extraction
  • SPI®EASY abutments, featuring a comprehensive range of dimensional options, while remaining simple to select and use thanks to convenient kit packaging
  • .4-lobe. head used on all SPI®System screws, healing caps and gingival formers makes pick-up and placement simple&all with a single driver
  • SPI®ART zirconia abutments, for all-ceramic restorations, available in both an SPI®EASY design for optimal easeof- use and a grinding abutment design for maximum customization options
  • SPI®MONO torque ratchet, for both surgical and prosthetic use, featuring a revolutionary, one-piece design (patent pending) which provides dramatically simplified cleaning and maintenance
Thommen implants are designed to provide secure primary stability, a high level of treatment flexibility and a simple surgical protocol. The following chapters present the design concepts common to all Thommen implants as well as those unique to the different implant models. The - macrosurface - of the implant refers to its basic external design characteristics. All implants are threaded, self-tapping, and come in either cylindrical or conical-cylindrical endosseous profiles. All implants have a tapered and domed apical end which promotes smooth insertion into the implant bed.Bild vergrössern
Thommen implants

Cylindrical endosseous profile
SPI®ELEMENT, SPI®ONETIME, and SPI®DIRECT have a cylindrical - or constant diameter - endosseous profile from the coronal machined collar to the midpart of the apical end. The cylindrical endosseous profile promotes good primary stability and allows preparation of the implant bed with a minimum number of drilling steps (see chapter on SPI®VECTOdrill").Bild vergrössern

Conical-cylindrical endosseous profile
SPI®CONTACT implants features a hybrid, conical-cylindrical endosseous profile particularly suited to immediate placement in extraction sockets. The coronal section of the implant body is tapered to fit the contour of the alveolus closely. This anatomical adaptation may reduce or eliminate the need for bone augmentation and also promotes osseointegration. Below the conical section, the implant body is cylindrical. This section provides secure primary stability by ensuring full thread contact with the cancellous bone. Additionally, because the cylindrical section of the SPI®CONTACT is sized identically to the other implant models, the same drills are used for implant bed preparation, thus simplifying the surgical procedure. Only one additional drill step is required to prepare the conical section of the implant bed. The SPI®CONTACT conical-cylindrical design offers the dditional advantage of clinical flexibility in restoring cases involving adjacent converging roots or ridge concavities. CONTACT allows the clinician to select a distinctly larger implant platform for prosthetic stability, with a narrower apical section to avoid adjacent roots or the risk of fenestration.Bild vergrössern

SPI®EASY ...for cemented restorations
The large range of SPI®EASY abutments permits simple individual adaptation of the crown margins as well as axis correction and height adjustment. There is no difference between the manufacture of a prosthetic restoration and a conventional crown & bridge restoration. You profit from a simple and economical application.Bild vergrössern

SPI®MONO torque ratchet 

The SPI®MONO torque ratchet is designed for both surgical and prosthetic use. It is manufactured from a solid billet of high-strength, corrosion-resistant titanium alloy. The one-piece construction dramatically simplifies regular maintenance as there are no parts to disassemble for cleaning and no lubrication is required.

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