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Wood buttons, Boutons en bois, Holz knöpfen

The wood buttons seen in Burda Patchwork are available among many others. Please click on the photo to see all the buttons. 

Our Kits as seen in Burda Patchwork magazine are available in the WebShop

         "Retegek" wall quilt kit   


The complete Sewing House Kit and the new "Retegek" wall quilt kit, as seen in Burda Patchwork is available for order.

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Hexagon and diamond shape templates

Advantages of our plastic templates over "paperpiecing"

- Teplates are reusable as they can be removed easily.
- They do no get damaged because pieces are sewn together along the edge.
- It is transparent, which makes it easy to aling the patterns of the fabric as needed.
- It can be folded at the centerline, this way you get two shapes.
- Your work will be very precise.


Click on the picture to get to the photo album of the examples.

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Colombus fabric dye

Available dye colors.
Price: 1.50 Euro/pack
          If you buy more ten or more packs. The price is 1,30 Euro/pack.
For shipping prices please send a query. For 10-20 packages which fit in an envelope we can ship it usually for 5 Euro.    
Click on the photo for bigger picture.

Aug 24, 2012, 3:43 PM
Aug 24, 2012, 3:43 PM