We encourage you to conduct all the research you feel comfortable with. Let's begin with some fascinating facts about Amway. For over 52 years the company has remained debt free, even through the recent and ongoing recession. Since it was founded it has paid out over $39 billion in bonuses to its millions of IBO's around the world. In 2011 Amway generated $10.9 billion in global sales, and $12 billion are expected in 2012. It is a growing company with over 20,000 global employees and 1,000 patents. Amway's hundreds of scientists work hard to develop products that truly work, allowing its exclusive brands to become some of the very best worldwide - in many cases the highest sold brands in the world. 

There is no question Amway is a reliable and legitimate enterprise. See for yourself by navigating the many links provided in the navigation bar above. No doubt you will become excited about the possibilities as you learn more about the company and its amazing products and opportunities. 

Network 21 & Channel-21

Just as impressive and important as Amway, Network 21 represents the Team that ensures you are in business FOR yourself but never BY yourself. Amway focuses on making world class products and giving its customers first class service, and for that reason it keeps growing worldwide. One thing IBOs will find is missing is a business building element that will teach them the most effective way to build their Amway business.

Network 21 was created by a very successful IBO named Jim Dornan to help continually educate and guide new IBOs, helping them build their Amway business successfully. By making available a Continuing Education Program (CEP), building an enormous team of successful leaders in the business that put together their experience in order to share them with other IBOs, and by creating a team environment that promotes growth Network 21 effectively lays out a blue print to success anyone can follow.

One very powerful educational resource created by Network 21 is Channel-21. Channel-21 contains over 60 hours of educational audio and video available to IBOs subscribed to it. To show you why it's worth subscribing to Channel-21 or the the professional website, we have set up a trial professional website for you to visit free of charge. Above you will find a link to Network 21. Click on the tab in the Navigation Bar labeled N21 and use the User ID 7500 and the password deaton to log in and explore the website. Do not purchase anything in the site or touch the profile because it will cost if you do, but look at the Channel-21 tab and the other parts of the N21 site. You can even use the online presentation tool.

Additional Resources 

There is an impressive amount of material available to you from your team, or from the person who introduced you to the business opportunity. You are always very welcome to approach that person or team for additional information. You will find throughout your research that you now have a wealth of knowledge that will assist you in going forward with your business. Some of the key links to visit are,,, and These are a good starting point for your research.