In the Name of Love

Love is dangerous.  In Punjabi folklore as well as that of the many other tribes in Pakistan, this peril that love puts people in is a common theme within folklore.  In all the stories for this storybook, the lovers in the end perish while fighting to reach each other.  Yet these characters have lasted through the years and can be seen in popular Pakistani culture.  Why?  Why do so many movies, songs, stories, and television shows repeat their legendary tales?  Is it the clear warning that these stories give about love?  Yes, but that is not all.  These stories produce rich characters that reflect the society they live in.  Understanding past society can help future generations learn and accept their traditions better.  These tales are not just for the young and in love, but for everyone of all ages. They are told for their richness in culture as well as their message of love and tradition.

Love Stories of Pakistan. Websource: BorderlineGreen