Welcomes  you to A Wee Bitty O' Scotland
'n Ireland             

Featuring Celtic traditional music entertainer Brian Dickson

                                       Available wearing Highland dress

 Looking to create a memorable Scottish or Irish themed evening?

Brian Dickson has been playing traditional Scottish and Irish music for over 4 decades,  from humble beginnings at age 17 on amateur stages in Scottish folk clubs, to concert and festival appearances in Canada, Germany and the USA including a concert appearance at the prestigious seven Celtic nation "Festival Interceltique" De Lorient, this is arguably the largest Celtic Festivals on the planet; running for nine days the event takes over the streets and venues of the coastal community Lorient, Brittany. Locals who don't like hearing Pipe band music day and night shutter up their homes and leave town for the week. 
"I had the honor of traveling abroad as the lead male vocalist with a Scottish themed  stage show called "Come by the Hills." This 40 person variety show featured the impressive Pipes and Drums of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, along with the highly accomplished Schiehallion Dancers  who included in their ranks at least two World Champion Highland Dancers, the Schiehallions dance choreographer a World Champion herself is also an highly respected International Highland Dance Judge. So believe me when I say the dancers and choreography were outstanding.
I was the lead male vocalist in the shows group of Celtic musicians featuring harp, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and harmony vocals.  The highlight for me was leading the finale with the pipes and drums backing me up, this was one of those hair on the back of your neck moments, imagine the whole cast assembled wearing their fine colors and tartans as we built the finale from a simple solo singer to a rousing anthem performed by the whole cast.  That time was so special to me, and I miss it a lot." 
Without a doubt Brian's voice is his strength, ranging from deep baritone and bass across three octave's to falsetto tenor, Brian truly creates magical interpretations and moods drawing his audience into each song.
Each show is laced with stories and Scottish humor, "It's not just about the music, I want my shows to be a cultural experience for the audience,  I want them to laugh and I want them to cry."  Brian's rendition of 'Danny Boy' has become his most requested song and the one that draws the most tears.  "Danny Boy has been so overdone over the years and I really hesitated to include this in my shows, but once performed this song took on a life of it's own, I can't get away from it now, it has become a part of every show. I just hope that my rendition pays the song proper respect.  A song done properly creates a mood and if any song needs to be treated properly it's "Danny Boy," for some reason this song resonates home with every individual in my audiences, I see it in their faces, and this effects the way I deliver the song, many in the audience drifting off to a deeply personal and sacred place." 
Brian accompanies himself playing 6 string guitar and harmonica and occasionally picks up the Bodhran (Celtic war drum) for some driving anthems.  And speaking of drums Brian added drum machine rhythms "to fill out my sound and pump up some of the toe tappers," and 3 voice harmonizer "to fill in the choruses a bit."   With harmonica & guitar, drums & harmonies it certainly sounds like more than one person on stage.
If the technology is available (Plasma or LCD TV or a presentation projector,) Brian also has available for your production a slide show of Scottish Scenery to project behind his performance, this will surely further create a special atmosphere and "A Wee Breath O' Scotland," guaranteed to make anyone want to visit the highlands.


Slide Show with performance

This Picture was taken in less than ideal conditions during my concert at my favorite venue "Home on the Grange" in Lee Maine where hosts Thom and Jane make everyone feel truly at home. I do need to overcome the back-light from the slide show and mini spot light the performance area.
The Slide show was a resounding success.


Home On The Grange, Arts Venue

"From the moment Brian Dickson walks onto stage, with a twinkle in his eye and in formal Scottish attire, he has captured the attention of the audience.  His accent, humor and easy going attitude set the pace for a very enjoyable evening.  Brian doesn't just perform the old ballads well, he transports his listeners to a different time and place.  His stories help bring meaning to the lyrics he is about to sing, some that make you laugh and some that leave you misty eyed.  A slide show from his recent trip to Scotland provides the perfect backdrop. Though acoustic guitar is his main instrument, Brian plays harmonica and bodhran very well too.  It's amazing how much sound and variety he produces for just one man!
Brian is a joke collector and has hundreds.  He sprinkles them throughout the show as he sees fit and has the audience laughing out loud in no time.  By the end of a concert with Brian Dickson, you feel like you are old friends.  It makes you embrace any Scottish ancestry you may have with new fervor and pride, and leaves you smiling, with a few new jokes to share!"
Jane Scanlon, Co-Artistic Director

News Paper Review

By R. David White
Katahdin Press
EAST MILLINOCKET - One of the Highlights of the Centennial Plus 1 celebration was a performance by Brian Dickson, an Irish balladeer and community gem. Performing at Opal Park on Saturday afternoon, he kept the crowd chuckling at his sharp wit and Irish jokes as he played one song after another, from fast jigs and ballads to slower tunes about lost love and homesickness. It was more than music however; it was a cultural experience, as Dickson shared anecdotes and historical tidbits relating to the songs he performed, some originating in Ireland others from Scotland. His repertoire included old favorites such as "Danny Boy" and lively foot-stepping ballads like "Step it out Mary."

Scottish Themed Dinner and Micro Brew beer tasting

"Thank you very much, you made this evening."
Brewery Promotions and Events Manager.


St Patric's Day
Gilmor's Family Restuarant
Lincoln, ME
Your music went down really well with our clients, this is the sort of thing we would like to do more often.
Charles & Cathy Gilmor.  

RV Resort San Antonio, TX

What a great show.
This was the first time we put on a show like this, and we received a lot of positive comments about Brian's show from our regular Snow Birds, they thoroughly enjoyed his show.
Now we feel bad, we should have paid Brian double......we certainly got much more than we bargained for.
Kay & Charlotte, Activities Directors.  

Retirement Community

Blue Hill, Maine.
Our residents were thrilled with Brian's performance.  I feel sorry for the ones who missed this show,  I know the ones who attended will be telling them what a good show they missed.  Our residents are asking for a return engagement.
Alma Mote
Activities Director.

July 4th 2010 Jonesport, Maine

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