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Folktales and Fairy Tales:  Translation, Colonialism, and Cinema

Preliminary events:

The following pre-symposium events have been organized by the UHM Comparativism and Translation in Literary and Cultural Studies (CTLCS) Research Cluster to provide venues for discussion prior to the start of the symposium.  All events are free to interested participants.  For more information about CTLCS, please contact Carmen Nolte (cnolte@hawaii.edu) or Keala Francis (keala.francis@hawaii.edu).

In addition to these planned events, we welcome you to re-visit our reading list to access readings suggested by our main speakers.


 -->Movie Showings<-- 

Monday, Sep 15, 1:30 in Kuy 410: Pan’s Labyrinth 

Tuesday, Sep 16, 1:30 in Kuy 409:  Land Has Eyes; Ka’ililauokekoa 

Wednesday, Sep 17, 1:30 in Kuy 410:  Kaililauokekoa; Land Has Eyes


-->Group discussion of selected symposium readings:  Friday, Sept.19, 3:30 in Kuy 410<-- 

Howard, Alan. “Presenting Rotuma to the World: The Making of The Land Has Eyes.”  click HERE  

Silva, Noenoe. “Pele, Hi`iaka, and Haumea: Women and Power in Two Hawaiian Mo`olelo.”  click HERE

Zipes, Jack. “Cross-Cultural Connections and the Contamination of the Classical Fairy Tale.”  click HERE

Symposium events




**all afternoon events in Burns 4005 unless otherwise noted**


Tuesday, Sept. 23-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:15 Donald Haase, "Decolonizing Fairy-Tale Studies"

4:30 Steven Winduo, "Oceanic Folktales, Translation, and Power"


PUBLIC EVENT:  7.30-9.00 HIG Auditorium

Vilsoni Hereniko, "Film as a Colonizing Medium:  Indigenous Knowledge, Translation, and the Market Economy"


Wednesday, Sept. 24---------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:30 Panel Discussion of first day presentations
Wimal Dissanayake, Caroline Sinavaiana, Houston Wood

5:00 Sadhana Naithani, "Value of Changing Forms:  Indian Folktales from Colonialism to Bollywood Cinema"


PUBLIC EVENT:  7.30-9.00 Crawford Auditorium Rm 115

Noenoe Silva, "Ka'ililauokekoa:  The Translation of a Traditional Hawaiian Story to Video"


Thursday, Sept. 25------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1:30 Graduate student discussion with Donald Haase, Vilsoni Hereniko, Sadhana Naithani, Noenoe Silva, Steven E. Winduo, and Jack Zipes

3:00 Panel Discussion of second day presentations
Leilani Basham, Heather Diamond, S. Shankar

4:30 "Wazíyatawin, "Maka Cokaya Kin (The Center of the Earth):  From the Clay We Rise"


PUBLIC EVENT:  7.30-9.00 HIG Auditorium

Jack Zipes, "De-Disneyfying the Fairy-Tale Film"


Friday, Sept. 26-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:30 DLS-sponsored workshop with Jack Zipes in KUY410

3:00 Panel Discussion of third day presentations in Burns4005
ku'ualoha ho'omanawanui, Maria Kaliambou, Robert Sullivan, and John Zuern

4:30 Roundtable discussion with Donald Haase, Sadhana Naithani, Wazíyatawin, Steven E. Winduo, and Jack Zipes.  Moderated by the UHM CTLCS Research Cluster.  (KUY410)