Best Folding Shovel 2012

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Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool Folding Spade with Serrated Blade

First off this is lighter weight than a standard military etool. Even though it's used by US Marines and NATO it is used to keep the weight down in their packs or belts. Shovel can work great in place of a post hole digger as the blade is slightly curved to facilitate a round hole. Shovel head can be positioned as a scoop to scoop out dirt. It can be straight, 90 degrees, and a hoe configuration with the gears (dogs) on the handle for positioning to lock in place. Can also be used as a ground tamper. Your turn knob is up on the handle and not down at the actual blade area. You can jamb it into the ground and use as a corkscrew to make round holes. Great for planting and digging up small trees and plants. A friend of mine has this tool and he is in a foreign military as a Special Forces guy. When he first got his Gerber he set out to literally destroy it to see if he could in fact break it at all. After putting it though torture tests such as leaning against a tree and kicking it vigourously for a half hour, slamming the plastic handle into an armoured vehicle a dozen times, he uses as a fry pan cooking his breakfast (not kidding here folks he really does) making his breakfast of eggs and
canned meat, and later on as a fry pan for his steak (after washing of course after using all day digging holes, etc), using it as a rest to rest his posterior on to take a dump (be careful with your aim is his advice), throwing it into a large tree trunk (after 2 times the 3rd time was the charm and stuck). His only complaint was as follows: It does not do very well when run over by a tank. The blade got V shaped and was a little fruity after that but the handle was still intact with only a few scratches on it. His replacement did not do very well when accidently thrown into the ocean at high tide. He confessed that he could not wreck it after a month of pure abuse. He said he never recommended anything like this before as he was so impressed by this ETool. The ones given to him by his military pales in comparison with broken handles and broken off blades. If you know how to use this etool it can be a very effective weapon as well. He's 6' and weighs 190 lbs. and is pure muscle. He was a farmer in civilian life and would break shovels left and right as he is very handed. With a recommendation like that I just had to buy one and guess what? He's more than right. This tool slides effortlessly into the ground whether it has grass on the surface or not. Digging is speeded up and the work area is much neater than a full size pointed shovel. I highly recommend it myself. Might try cooking a steak over an open fire like my friend sometime. He even sawed a 5" branch off a tree and then split it leaning one branch against the other side of the blade. He said he's going to leave his axe back at camp as this etool can replace his axe as well. This is a highly versatile tool.

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Gerber 22-41578 Gorge Folding Shovel

I came across this Gerber shovel in my Amazon recommendations recently. I own the very same model that I bought at the LL Bean store in Freeport, Maine 2 years ago. I was not as much of an Amazon shopper back then as I am today. But I wish now that I was. I paid $32 at LL Beans for this model, and that was 2 years ago. At the time I remember them not having much of a selection, but this shovel seemed very well made, rugged, and easy to use. I figured I could do a lot worse for the price. As it turns out, I could have done a lot better. Forgetting the shellacking I took on the price of this shovel, I highly recommend you not only buy this model if you are in the market for one, but I also suggest you forget the shopping around and just buy it here. This is probably the best quality folding shovel you will ever find for the price they are asking. Especially, if you buy it as part of a package deal and get the free shipping thrown in. If you are one that has ever visited hiking or outdoor gear stores than you know how expensive any survival type equipment can be. They have a fool proof way of drawing you into spending as many bucks as you can on whatever it is they are offering by hammering home the point that it's your life and family you are talking about here. The real truth is that a lot of people buy equipment that is far more expensive than they will ever have a reason to need, or even use at all. As anyone that is an avid outdoor enthusiast knows, a folding camp shovel has lots of uses along on a camping or hiking trip. Digging, prospecting, hammering, climbing, self defense, and even sometimes actual shoveling are all included on the list. Most folding shovels offered in retail outlets are not just expensive, but often time just too big. This one folds down very compactly, and can be easily toted along with little room taken, or inconvenience met. This Gerber model is in my opinion the perfect size and quality that most of us would ever have a reason to need along on a wilderness adventure. Its solid, very rugged, a snap to extend and compact, and after two years of owning it, it is still going strong for me with little show for the wear. I highly recommend the Gerber for your outdoor needs. It is in my opinion all the shovel you should ever need, at the best price you will find...

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Coleman Folding Shovel

I took a camping trip last year and encountered a fire pit where the previous "tenants" didn't remove their ash waste, and I was forced to waste nearly an hour cleaning it out. I vowed I would never go through that again.
I went on a search for a army-like folding shovel, without the cost, as I would only be using it to clean fire pits upon arrival and departure. However, I also needed something that was easy to pack away, as I drive a "sport-wagon" style vehicle.
This shovel is "perfect" in nearly all ways. I say nearly because no product is perfect, and there will be some flaw that I dwell on (it's a bit difficult to fold initially, but you get the hang of it) that someone else won't. It fits perfectly in my vehicle's rear storage compartment, tucked above the wheel-well.
It feels sturdy, as if it was made with good materials, and I can say that it will survive many a camping trip in the future.
This shovel is not meant to dig foxholes or trenches, it just wasn't built with that in mind. It was meant for simple to moderate tasks, and if I could improve on one thing (that isn't the folding), it would be to add a pick to it, as it could then be used to help drive stakes for tents.
Otherwise, it is a good buy, compare its cost to the big box retailers!

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TEKTON 7888 3-Way Folding Shovel with Storage Pouch

This is a well made excavation tool, as good as any military issued one. Although I would not trust the cloth pouch to carry the thing under any stress. Pouch is just to keep the dirt stuck to the shovel blade from coming off in your pack, but I doubt it works very well. Get a ziplock bag for it if you like.
One reviewer stated that it did not lock in place. It does, just be sure to continue to "unscrew" the locking mechanism, and it locks the shovel in place just fine.

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Texsport Folding Survival w/Saw Shovel

This shovel is fairly light and yet its sturdy and heavy-duty enough for what I need. Bought it to take backpacking. The telescoping handle is crap and won't stay tightened, and the saw is really cheesy, but would probably chew its way through some small branches if you needed it to. But I just got it for the lightweight shovel, which can't be beat for the price.