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Group items according to labels and create customizable folders and widgets.

Folder Organizer is the evolution of Apps Organizer, it allows you to create a folder (a "label shortcut") with a custom icon on Android home (long touch on home and select shortcut).
Since version 2.4 Folder Organizer supports scrollable widgets with all items of a label.

Beginner guide are available in how to section of this site and in Android Forum, if you have any questions you can use Folder Organizer forum.

Folder Organizer is available in Android Market in two versions:
  • Folder Organizer lite: ad-supported version
  • Folder Organizer: full version
Other features:
  • change icon of a folder
  • change icon and rename an application
  • icon pack support
  • home shortcut to labels and items (applications, bookmarks and contacts)
  • assign a label to multiple items in a simple way
  • items in Android notification toolbar
  • hierarchical labels (only in full version)
  • direct folder editing (only in full version)
  • manual sort of items in a label (only in full version)

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