Folded~Hugs Fundraiser    

               "Stampin' out" Animal Abuse


Sponsored by Folded Hugs, Teri Klawitter , Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


HI :) Thanks for stopping by,

 I am new to webpage/blogs, but thought this might be a good way to get the word out.
 Along with my family and friends, I have two dear passions in life, my "girls" and Stampin' UP

My "Girls" are Rosie and "Stinker". Rosie, a Lab/Rottweiler mix, has been a part of our family for 7 years. She is a wonderful dog, sweet and kind, with nothing but love to give. We adopted our "grandpuppy" Stinker, about 2 years ago. Stinker was a back door bred pitbull in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Madison, WI. Unfortunately her first couple of years, had no stability and she was subjected to abuse and neglect. While she spent some weekends with us, I knew little of her true up bringing. She had very little supervision, little exercise and no consistant discipline. The abuse came from untrustworthy "friends" of my daughter and was often neglected at times as well. I promised her I would never let her go through that again. I risked my marriage bringing her home, but it wasn't long, before that sweet little girl won over my husbands heart as well. We are continuing to work with her as she proves she can be a good girl with proper training. ( Although I am sure Ceasar Millan would say I am the one in need of the training :)
I help our local Humane Society with a yearly wish list drive and pop top collection at the elementary school where I work. The kids really get involved, and I enjoy doing it.


BUT . . . when disasters (such as Katrina) hit, I dig a little deeper.

 After seeing and hearing more than I needed to about the Michael Vick story and the disturbing puppy mil stories, I became outraged and extremely upset. I know this is going on all over the world, but I often think, "I am one person.  How can I possibly make a difference?"

The more I hear, the more I feel I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!  The animals are innocent!  It is the PEOPLE who raise, abuse, and kill them! The PEOPLE need to be punished!  I am in contact with the United States Humane Society, as they prosecute offenders and protect animals in need. Not all of them can be saved, but, I feel I can make a difference!" You can too! We all have the potential.

So, I'm combining a fundraiser for the Humane Society with my passion for Stampin' Up!  This needs to be a BIG ONE!!  PLEASE spread the news and share my site with EVERYONE you know.  Once we've reached the goal of $1,000, I will continue this fundraising effort until we reached $5,000- enough to prosectue a serious animal abuser.  


                              Dane Couny Humane Society Fundraising !!!



A Special thank you to all who helped with our annual donation to the Dane county humane Society.
We collected 200,000 aluminum pop-tops, approx. $800 in wish list items and stamped cards (sent on two occasions) and $400 in cash!!
W.A.G.S. group at Winn. is awesome!! Thank you Ms. Jensen and Mrs. Hughes :) They did a penny war and helped sell bracelets, 1/2 of the cash raised was by them!! The other half was raised by selling hand stamped cards and crafts, and donations over the past 6 months made by volunteer stampers. 2009
                                   THANK YOU MONONA GROVE SCHOOL DISTRICT!!
                                      For allowing us to use space for volunteer stamping!


 Thanks for your caring support! Together we can feel like we helped make a difference.

 An email from the United States Humane Society 1-14-08

Dear Teri—I received your mailing and your very kind donation. Thanks so much for all you’re doing to help animals. My sister and sister in law are both heavily into making cards and stamping, so I know how much time and creativity it takes! If you’d like to send checks or anything else directly to me in the future, I’ll make sure it gets taken care of. (Kathy Bauch, HSUS, 700 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.) Best,

Kathy Bauch

The Humane Society of the United States

Senior Director, Corporate Relations and Promotions


     Thank you new Super Wal-Mart!!           

                                                  Pet Journals $10.00 Cat or Dog theme


5 x 5 " chipboard journals, for scrapping, writing, and saving precious memories.

Gold embossed paw prints on tabs.

2011 calendar book marks $2.00 ea 6/$10

specify cat or dog, color plastic sleeve included


Cards for sale- ALL PROCEEDS go directly to the fundraiser. Quality cards and envelopes made with 90% Stampin' Up products.

$1.50 ea of 5/$7.50 (gift package included) DETAILED, and embellished.

1.. 2. SOLD OUT                           3   

                                                                                                           (pink,green,or turquoise)      


4.hello5..A little hello from the heart

6.Paw print inside on ivory



10.or 11. 12

13. ("I just love you" insde)               14. wish big

15.Happy together or happy birthday              16. wish big.  

 17. rough day?    20.






21Happy Birthday from the cat

22. in blue, green or red

24.Be happy     

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Place an online order and instant profits (20%) go directly into my fundraiser for local and nation wide animal rescue and shelters!






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*  Stampin' Up! catalog can be viewed at:

* Special thanks to my volunteer card makers! Dawn Moss,Ginny Wlash,Barb Lulack, Denise Mc Mullen,  Lorie Miller, Darlene Harrison, and many others who spend endless hours helping create these beautiful cards and gifts.


everyone who loves animals, and/or stamping and scrapbooking! Your orders will help!!







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 1st Tuesday's in Deerrfield, WI starting at 6:00 

3rd Thursday clubs starting Aug. 5:30

Call to schedule your workshop, Let's have fun stampin' together!

 "A handmade card is a hug with a fold in the middle."
Teri Klawitter ~ Stampin Up! Senior Supervisor