This educational wiki compiles free and available learning resources for local educators who wish to increase environmental awareness in their students and engage in active learning about our local ecology. Our focus is a multi-modal, tactile, and holistic approach to the study of nature. We believe that a "sense of wonder" offers the best guide to longterm environmental education. 

The "truth" about Hurricane Creek is richer than the language of science. Poetry, art, history, and humility are vehicles which allow us to get closer to telling the truth about our local ecosystems.

Educational Models

In devising, curating, and sharing the educational materials in this wiki, our pedagogical approach has been informed by a variety of learning models and theories. The following models/theories have played predominant roles in inspiring and motivating us to build an alliance of local educators dedicated to living local ecology.

Experiential learning theory

Place-based education

Citizen science model

Naturalist model

Online learning platforms

Environmental education in early childhood

The ALEX website provides a current list of Alabama state standards requirements which we consulted in creation of Friends of Hurricane Creek Educational Experiences. Your comments on these creations are encouraged and appreciated.

Books for Teachers
Books and readings to inspire and energize your knowledge of local ecology and provide substantive data on the benefits of nature in education.