Treasure Hunt Prizes

2019 'Bellarine Birds'

Treasure Hunt major prizes

The 2019 Treasure Hunt has over 150 prizes worth over $4,000. Prizes include unique Glass Art Treasures handmade by a Festival of Glass exhibitors worth between $10 and several hundred dollars. Below are a selection of the prizes available - the gallery will be updated as photos become available.

To create the unique prizes in the Treasure Hunt, the Festival of Glass collaborates with local businesses to commission small and large glass art Treasures from local glass artists who are exhibitors at the Festival’s Expo.

Learn more about the Treasure Hunt artists and their work by following the online link to their website.

Daniella Acciarito

Light catcher

David Hobday

Platter - Dodging Winter

Di Bloomfield

Cutlery set - Orange Bellied Parrot set

FIona Horne

Birdy head pendant

Fiona Horne

Pot with birdy stopper

Glenda Mac Naughton

Eggspired necklace

Glenda Mac Naughton

Fwrenship wren sculpture

Jackie Campbell

Owl on a bottle

Jenny Bush


Jutta Larcombe

Candle holder

Marianne Bradman

Sitting Pretty - Rainbow lorikeet

Marina Villiani

Fish platter

Monica Provan

Wall hanging

Que Bigg

Fireball Fey sculpture

Robert Gatt

Pair of sea birds

Sue Chreszczyk

Lily Motif Mosaic mirror

Sue Chreszczyk

Lily Motif Mosaic mirror

Ten Ravens

Square bowl

Tony Redmond

Blue pond

Tony Redmond

Parrot plate

Tony Redmond

Birds in flight - Rainbow lorikeet plate

Wendy Hitchins

Rainbow Lorikeet necklace

Glenda Mac Naughton

Cockatoo necklace

Glenda Mac Naughton

Nectar for the birds

Diane Schofield

Just a silly galah - Mosaic Birdhouse