Focus the Nation

at The University of Florida

January 31, 2008

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What is Focus the Nation?

A national teach-in engaging millions of students and citizens with political leaders and decision makers about Global Warming Solutions.

We stand at a unique moment in human history. Decisions that are ours to make today – to stabilize global warming pollution and invest in clean energy solutions – will have a profound impact not only on our lives and the lives of our children, but indeed for every human being who will ever walk the face of the planet from now until the end of time.

More than just one day, Focus the Nation: Global Warming Solutions for America is an unprecedented educational initiative, involving over a thousand colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, faith groups, civic organizations and businesses. Focus the Nation is a catalyzing force shifting the national conversation about global warming towards a determination to face this civilizational challenge.

Check out Focus the Nation's National Website for more information: