Introducing retroFOCUS

Introducing retroFocus, an xbmc skin designed and modded based on reFocus skin by Jeroen and the Metro theme. It's still a work-in-process so feel free to add comments & suggestion.

Click here for screenshots

Download New Version 0.2 Here

Previous version here

Skin Features:

  • New Movie Sets View (MovieSets addon required)
  • New wraplist Slide View with Movie Poster (inset)
  • New Redesigned full screen video info
  • New configurable full & extended colored media flags on some views & video info
  • New Redesigned Deck View
  • New Recently Added Dashboard (inspired by Rocky5)
  • New PseudoTV skin (addon required)
  • New TVTunes integration
  • New Artworks on seekbar (ie. clearArt, clearLogo, studio logos & movie posters)
New Features: (version 0.2)
  • NEW Configurable background (Selection of Default-Grey, Original Blue, Green, Orange & Retro)
  • NEW Metro-style Clock
  • ADDED Deck View on Album (Music)
  • ADDED Support on Artist Logo
  • ADDED Media Flags on Small Grid
  • ADDED Media Flags on OSD Info
  • ADDED Watchlist Based On 0.9.5 Released
  • FIXED Next Aired Notification
  • FIXED Some Bugs

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