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FOCUS Summer Picnics

Coming Soon!

Our FOCUS summer picnics are on Friday evenings, during PSU's summer term. 

  • beginning June 29, 2018 
  • ending August 17, 2018

The FOCUS Summer Picnic schedule for 2018 will include the following dates:

June 29

July 6

July 13

July 20

July 27

August 3

August 10

August 17

Come back to this page for details about the 2018 summer picnic season in late May/early June 2018. Dates listed below are for the 2017 Summer Picnic schedule

Each week a different church group will host us, providing the food and location. We will travel to their location for a picnic meal and other activities. Sometimes this will be a park or church facility where there are recreation opportunities.

Like FOCUS Friday Nights!, the FOCUS Summer Picnics are for Portland-area international students, scholars, and a special invitation to family members. There is no charge for the picnic. 

Occasionally we do not have a group to host the event and we will have a "potluck." For those times, we ask that all people bring some prepared food (a "dish" that doesn't require microwaving or additional cooking time) to share with others. The times that will be "potluck" will be listed below and will also be in the weekly FOCUS email.

We meet at 5:30 PM at PSU at the south end of the park blocks at SW College St and SW Park Ave.  We will immediately travel to the picnic location.  Depending on driving distance to the host church's designated site, we will eat sometime between 6:15pm and 6:30pm.  You will be returned to campus anywhere between 9pm and 9:30pm.

To All FOCUS Staff / Associates / Interested Individuals:  If you can help transport people, please consider coming to the PSU meeting place prior to 5:30pm to pick up several international students and/or scholars. If you will be a driver, please complete the FOCUS Driver Certification and bring the completed form with you to the pickup site.

FOCUS 2017 Summer Picnic Schedule (next year's dates and locations will be posted in late May/early June 2018):

6/30/2017  --  Sellwood Park, Portland, Oregon (this will be a potluck meal with food provided primarily by FOCUS Associates.  However, students and visiting scholars are welcome to bring prepared food to share, if you wish.
Location:  SE 7th Ave & Miller St, a picnic site near the baseball fields
The sun sets at 9:04 PM

7/7/2017  --  House Party at the home of Vic & Kathy Varis, Portland, Oregon
Location: 1748 12th SE Avenue, Portland, Oregon
The sun sets at 9:00 PM

7/14/2017  --  Chinese Grace Baptist Church, Hillsboro, Oregon
The sun sets at 8:56 PM

7/21/2017  --   Sellwood Park, Portland, Hosted by Powellhurst Baptist Church
Location: SELLWOOD PARK is located at SE 7th Ave., at Malden.
The sun sets at 8:50 PM

7/28/2017  --   Portland Concert it the Park! "Echoes of Yasgurs" at Knott Park
Location: Knott Park, 
11243 NE Russell St Portland, OR
Optional: Stay later to watch the movie "Zootopia" in the park
What to Bring: Your own food, blankets/chair to sit on
The sun sets at 8:43 PM

8/4/2017 --  Greater Portland Bible Church (GPBC), Portland, Oregon
Location: GPBC campus, 2374 SW Vermont, Portland, Oregon
The sun sets at 8:34 PM

8/11/2017  --  Wilshire Park Picnic, Sposored by The Well Church, Portland, Oregon
Location: Wilshire Park, NE 33rd and Skidmore, Portland

The sun sets at 8:25 PM

8/18/2017  --  Evergreen Bible Church, Vancouver, WA
Location: David Douglas Park, Vancouver, WA 
The sun sets at 8:12 PM