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American Culture Class

Offered at various times and locations. Not offered every year.

WHAT: The American Culture class is more of a brief historical look at the founding of the United States rather than talking about contemporary culture. We will look at words such as belief, values, morals, ethics, conscience, secular, spiritual, reason, enlightenment, world view, and culture.

We will consider the five questions that any world view attempts to answer and we will talk about the world view that many early Americans held and how this affected American history. Included in this discussion is a reading of relevant Bible passages that had an impact on the thinking and beliefs of many early Americans. We will talk about culture and how that culture, which is a way of life, includes a person's beliefs and values as well as their behaviors.

In our discussion, we examine how the Judeo-Christian Scriptures had a significant impact upon American culture. We will look at the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and the beliefs that under gird these documents. Finally, we will look at some significant people in American history and how their faith influenced their political leadership as well as their personal lives.

If you have questions, contact American Culture Class.