About FoCPGC

One of Our Own (Picture Below)

We have been an active force in the Candler Park neighborhood since October 30, 2011. We want to encourage increased neighborhood usage of the golf course, not only for golfing, but for sheer enjoyment of the land and its life. Many happy hours can be spent, watching ducks, watching beavers, watching turtles, watching Canada geese, watching bullfrogs, watching bats, watching herons, watching frisbees, watching soccer balls, watching trees, watching clouds, watc.... Well, you get the idea. Watching. And enjoying.

We also want to help the course give back to the community and its businesses, not only through shared use of the land, but also through support of schools and the educational opportunities the habitat of the course provides. And, after a nice round, we want to help weary golfers give money! Fellini's, the Flying Biscuit, La Fonda, Dr. Bombay's, the Candler Park Market, the Hungarian who serves Chicken Paprika on the corner, ... All foods. All drinks. All tastes! (Or, at least, the ones that are important!)

We look forward to many years of happy interaction!

Looking at the beaver below, at his eye,
do you not get the impression that, underneath the water, someone's legs are moving furiously?

Photo by  Meta Larsson ©