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New Install Instructions

Fallout Wanderers Edition is distributed as a "FOMOD-ready" install package, allowing you to make your own FOMOD or manually install the file. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use the Fallout Mod Manager's "Package Manager" feature to install FWE. Following this method will make FWE much easier to uninstall as well.

Please follow the install instructions carefully:

  1. Download FWE and save it to your harddrive.
  2. Ensure that FOMM and FOSE (Fallout Script Extender) are up-to-date and properly installed.
  3. Launch FOMM and choose the "package manager" option.
  4. Select the "Add New" option and browse to and select the Full Package file you downloaded. Once you have selected the file, it may take a few minutes to build the FOMOD package.
  5. Once the FWE package shows up in the list of packages, activate it.
  6. Adjust the load order (see load order section below) of loaded mods according to the suggested load order guide (below) in FOMM (or another load-order tool).
  7. Be sure to enable both the FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm and FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp file, as well as any of the DLC support files.
  8. Turn on any desired optional files as well.
  9. You will need to install + launch "Archive Invalidation Invalidated" or use the version included in FOMM or another utility.
  10. Launch fallout via FOSE (using FOMM or running the FOSE launcher directly).
If you are using any of the DLC's (or really any other mods alongside FWE) you will need to create a "merged" patch using FO3Edit.  A merged patch combines certain criticial records (i.e. FormLists) to ensure proper functionality across your load order.   Please refer to the FWE FAQ page for detailed instructions on creating a merged patch.

Upgrading to FWE 5.0 from Prior Versions

FWE 5.0 reflects a significant change in the structure of the mod. The new in-game FWE Control Panel renders many of the optional mods unneccesary. To ensure a clean upgrade, please perform the following steps:

  1. Before upgrading, open a prior save and go somewhere where NPC's / loot does not respawn (i.e. your house). Save and then backup your save game.
  2. If you previously created a FOMOD package for your FWE install, you should now uninstall it (deactivate it in FOMM).
  3. It is recomennded that you use FOMM"s package mananger to install the new version of FWE. You can use either the FOMOD version or the manual version to create the package.
  4. Once you have added FWE 5.0 to FOMM's Mod Manager, activate it at this time.
  5. IMPORTANT: Make sure to delete the following files are deactivated AND deleted from your data folder, thay are no longer used by FWE 5.0:
    • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Lvl 30 Balance.esp
    • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Lvl 30 High Skills.esp
    • FO3 Wanderers Edition - No Drug Visuals.esp
    • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Harsher Wasteland.esp
    • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional No Fast Travel.esp
  1. IMPORTANT: If you have been using other FWE-based tweakes, such as Kai's tweaks and fixes, you should deactivate and remove these plugins as well (i.e. KH_FWE Fixes.esp, KH_FWE Tweaks.esp, KH_FWE Hellfirefix.esp, KH_NoAmmoWeight.esp, KH_MMMNoIncreasedSpawns.esp, KH_MMM override.esp, KH_223EX.esp)
  2. Load your save game. You should now "Wait" (or rest) for 180 hours to reset the cells.
  3. You may need to reset some settings via the FWE Control Panel, such as your preferences for fast travel, or the harsher wasteland. Refer to the FWE Control Panel section of readme for more information on that.

Starting the Game

When you start a new game, after the opening video, the "birth scene" will begin playing normally. Towards the end of the birth scene you will be prompted to "continue dreaming" (which will allow you to play through the remainder of the Vault 101 starting sequence) or "Wake Up!" If you choose to wake up, you will find yourself in an empty shack (not in Vault 101). This is the begenning of the integrated "Alternative Start" mod.

There is a computer you need to activate that will let you choose your initial name, SPECIAL, skills, starting karma, race, and your "history." The different histories determine where you start the game and what equipment you have. While setting up your character, a number of scripts will be initializing in the background. The primary needs scripts in particular will eventually prompt you to define the configuration settings. See the "RI - Primary Needs readme.html" readme in the mod-readme folder for more information.

After setting up your character, sleep on the mattress and you're new Fallout 3 experience will begin!

When you either leave Vault 101 after the intro sequence, or sleep in the alternate start bed and wake-up, and number of mod quest messages and pop-up menu's will appear as many of FWE's included features initialize for the first time. Please be patient as this sequence runs, and be sure to read all the messages so you know what is going on.

Included Files + Plugins

FO3 Wanderers Edition contains a number of different files that are required or optional.

Once you extract FWE archive, you should see the followig files and folders in your fallout3\data folder:

  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
  • FWE Resources
    • Folder contains readme files and other helpful documentation.

Optional Modules

There are a number of optional modules and support plugins for FWE. These are described more extensively in the "Detailed Description" section of the readme. A brief description is provided here:

  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Alternate Travel
    • Links fast travel to the use of new motorcycle feature
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced
    • Module containing all of the changes to, and new features for, followers. There is both a Broken Steel and a non-Broken Steel version. Use only one.
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Free Play After Mainquest
    • Do not use with Broken Steel
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Restore Tracers
    • Restores many of the bullet tracer effects to projectiles.
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional VATS Halftime
    • VATS is 1/2 of realtime speed.
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional VATS Realtime
    • VATS animations play in realtime.
  • FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Worn Weapons
    • Good condition and more powerful guns are significantly less common. Adds more melee enemy spawns and new "worn" versions of basic weapons that have lower stats.

Load Order + Compatibility


FWE is a large overhaul, and changes many aspects of the game. Gamesettings, weapons, armor, equipment, ammo, and many other types of records are modified by FWE. In general, remember that if two mods edit the same thing, which ever mod load later in your load order will "override" the mods that load before. If you are worried about FWE's compatiblity with another mod you are using, here are some suggestions:

  • Load mods that you think might conflict with FWE before FWE in your load order to ensure that FWE's changes are functioning consistently and correctly, unless you know that the mod doesn't conflict at all with FWE, or you know what it changes and you want it to override FWE changes.
  • Load your mod list in FO3Edit and loook through each new mod that you add to understand what it changes and what potential conclits might arise.
  • Post on the FWE nexus page or on the Bethesda forums mod section to ask about specific compatiblity settings.

FWE is designed to work alongside other popular mods, including Mart's Mutant Mod, Weapon Mod Kits, FOOK, Energy Visuals Enhanced, and Project Beauty. For complete coverege using FWE alongside these mods, please refer to the Fallout Interoperability Program at the Fallout3 Nexus. In addition, the load order section (below), provides a sample load order to get you started using FWE with other major mods.

In addition, you can refer to the FWE Incompatibility List for specific mod issues.

Load Order

The following is a suggested load order for using FWE with art's Mutant Mod (MMM), Weapon Mod Kits (WMK), Energy Visuals Enhanced (EVE), and Project Beauty (PB):

Load Order template

Includes: FWE, Project Beauty, Weapon Mod Kits, Mart's Mutant Mod, and EVE


Project Beauty.esm
<---------------------------.esms from all other mods (except follower and weather mods!)
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm
Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
<--------------------------- .esms from Follower and Weather mods
Project Beauty- Broken Steel.esp
Project Beauty- Point Lookout.esp
CRAFT - Activation Perk.esp

<--------------------------- .esps from other mods (except follower and weather mods!)

FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced.esp (Choose BS OR Non-BS Version) (OPTIONAL)

FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty.esp (FROM FOIP)
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty (Followers Enhanced).esp (FROM FOIP) 

WeaponModKits - FWE Master Release.esp (FROM FOIP)
WeaponModKits - FWE Optional Worn Weapons.esp (FROM FOIP, only if using using F3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Worn Weapons.esp!)
WeaponModKits - OperationAnchorage.esp (FROM FOIP)
WeaponModKits - ThePitt.esp (FROM FOIP)
WeaponModKits - BrokenSteel.esp (FROM FOIP)
WeaponModKits - PointLookout.esp (FROM FOIP)
WeaponModKits - Zeta.esp (FROM FOIP)

EVE Operation Anchorage.esp
EVE - FWE Master Release.esp (FROM FOIP)
EVE - FWE Master Release (Follower Enhanced).esp (FROM FOIP)
EVE Anchorage - FWE DLC Anchorage.esp (FROM FOIP)
EVE - FWE with WeaponModKits.esp (FROM FOIP)

Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Anchorage.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC The Pitt.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Broken Steel.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Point Lookout.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Zeta.esp

Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty.esp (FROM PROJECT BEAUTY)
Mart's Mutant Mod - FWE Master Release.esp (FROM FOIP)
Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty + FWE.esp (FROM FOIP)

<--------------------------- .esps from Follower and Weather mods

<--------------------------- Your merged patch