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6. Immersion

Timing + Spawning

Many containers throughout the game that did not respawn now do, particularly in areas where NPC's are likely to respawn (like camps and hideouts) [credits: Selected Containers Respawn].

The global timescale changed to 1:5, so that 1 real-life minute equals 5 in-game minutes. This means that it takes 12 real-life minutes to equal 1 in-game hour, compared to the vanilla setting of 1:30 (there two minutes is one hour). Note that changing the timescale may require you to fine-tune your primary needs settings, as you might find that you'll end up needing to eat/drink too often or not often enough. The timescale change is configurable:

Timescale options ( Time > Timescale )

Option 1 - 1:30 (vanilla)

Option 2 - 1:24

Option 3 - 1:18

Option 4 - 1:12

Option 5 - 1:8

Option 6 - 1:5 (FWE Default)

Option 7 - 1:2

Option 8 - 1:1 Realtime

The gobal respawn timer has been increased to 7 days. This option is configurable:

Respawn Timer Options ( Time > Respawn Timer )

Option 1 - Yearly!

Option 2 - Once a fortnight (14 days)

Option 3 - 7.5 days (FWE Default) 

Option 4 - 3 days (Vanilla)

Option 5 - Daily

Option 6 - Hourly

Vendors now respawn independently of the global respawn. They now respawn every 2.5 days. This option is cofigurable:

Vendor Respawn Options ( Time > Vendor Respawn Timer )

Option 1 - 7.5 days

Option 2 - 5 days

Option 3 - 2.5 days (FWE Default) 

Option 4 - Daily

Option 5 - Twice Per Day


Fast-Travel Changes

Disable Fast Travel

FWE Includes an option to disable fast travel through the FWE Control Panel under "Immersion Settings > Fast Travel"

OPTIONAL - Alternative Travel

(by jjgun + malacova)

As an alternative to just disabling fast travel, the "Alternative Travel" module can be used.

This module provides an altenative fast travel mechanism based arounfdthe use and maintenance of the "wasteland Explorer," a pre-war motorcycle waiting for a new rider. This mod disables the normal-fast travel system, and instead requires you to use the motorcycle for your fast travel needs. The motorcycle requires fuel and parts to keep ir running, and can be upgraded with saddlebags, a GPS unit, and other amenities.

In addition this module includes a "morrowind" style fast travel system where you can hire NPC's to escort you between major settlements [Credit: Arthmoor's Wasteland Travel Caravans] . NPC's outside of the major towns will provide a fast travel service for modest fee between a set of locations. The mod has been tweaked to improve follower behavior when traveling this way, as well as increasing the costs for traveling. Traveling to unvisited locations is more expensive compared to known locations.

The Wasteland Explorer - Motorcycle Manual


Select Ride from the menu to ride your motorcycle. This brings up your Pip Boy to select you destination from the World Map. You can only travel to previously discovered locations. Your Explorer comes from the factory with a carrying capacity of twice your Carry Weight. As your carrying capacity increases so does your motorcycle’s carrying capacity. As long as your inventory doesn’t exceed the Explorer’s carry capacity (i.e., weight limit) you can ride it. You can adjust the carrying capacity of your motorcycle using the Configure Options menu described below under CONFIGURATION.

Note that you can only ride the motorcycle if it has fuel and its condition is greater than zero (see the FUEL and MAINTENANCE sections below). Note that the Explorer has a special fuel reserve so you will always arrive at your destination but you may arrive with negative fuel in the tank. You’ll have to replenish this reserve before using the bike again. Superior engineering insures that your vehicle won’t break down in mid-journey but you may arrive at your destination with the Explorer’s condition below zero. This simply means that you’ll have to get its condition back up above zero before you can ride it again. WARNING: A poorly maintained motorcycle may not start. If this happens your motorcycle will sustain some damage. You can try riding it again but each time it fails to start the damage sustained increases. Once successfully started the damage counter is reset. So to avoid these problems keep your motorcycle in good condition.

Recovering a Lost Motorcycle (New Feature)
Occasionally because of technical problems you may lose your motorcycle. You just can’t seem to find it where you left it. Well we’ve got you covered. After your first ride an item called <Recall Motorcycle> is placed in your Aid inventory. Activating this item from your Pip Boy will return the motorcycle to the last place you rode it. Note that this doesn’t bring the motorcycle to you it simply returns it to its last destination; if you are standing at that location your motorcycle will appear.

However, if you forgot where you left it this won’t help much. Purchasing the GPS option described section 5 will help you locate your motorcycle. However, if you don’t have this option and you can’t afford it you can always stop by the dealership and ask the staff to locate your motorcycle. For a small fee of 100 caps they will locate and deliver your motorcycle to the dealership. How’s that for service!


The Wasteland Explore requires special fuel that can be difficult to obtain. Bring this Owner’s Manual to the dealership just south of Megaton to get our secret formula for creating fuel from common supplies. To refuel your motorcycle select Refuel from the menu. This option will only be available if you have fuel. The tank can hold 10 units and cannot be overfilled so if you have between 9 and 10 units in the tank you can't add anymore fuel. Fuel stored in the saddlebags has to be transferred into you inventory to be used.


Be sure to keep your Explorer in tip-top shape. Those with a little mechanical ability can perform routine maintenance using ordinary motorcycle parts, leaf blowers, conductors, and scrap metal. If the condition of your motorcycle falls to zero you won't be able to use it until you repair it. To repair your motorcycle select repair from the menu. The repair option is only available if you have suitable spare parts in your inventory. Spare parts stored in the saddlebags have to be transferred into your inventory to be used.

Your Repair skill influences the effectiveness of your repairs in two ways. (1)The maximum condition of the motorcycle cannot exceed your Repair skill. (2)The repair value of each part is adjusted by your Repair skill. A player with a Repair skill of 100 gets the full repair value of each part while a player with a repair skill of 50 only gets half the value of each part.

STORAGE (Dealer Installed option)

This handy option equips your Explorer with an internal storage compartment often called "saddlebags". You can use this to store all of your gear while on the road. When initially installed they have a capacity of 100 pounds so they add 100 pounds to your motorcycle’s carry capacity. You can change their carry capacity in ten pound increments using Configure Options. You can also enable the Infinite Capacity feature. As long as the combined weight of the items in your inventory and the saddlebags doesn’t exceed the Explorers carry capacity you can ride. If you enable Infinite Capacity the weight of the items in the saddlebags are ignored.

Note that after accessing the saddlebags there is about a seven second period during which you cannot activate the Explorer, move, or access your Pip Boy. This period is required for the Explorer to reweigh the contents of the saddlebags. A message will appear in the top left corner informing you when the reweighing is complete.

GPS (Dealer Installed option)

Did you ever forget where you parked your motorcycle? This feature allows you to locate your Explorer on your Pip Boy World and Local maps. Select the Wasteland Explorer quest and the location of your motorcycle is shown with a quest marker.

ESCAPE (Dealer Installed option)

This option allows you to escape from an enemy infested location back to the safety of the dealer showroom. From there you can ride your motorcycle to your desired location. To use this feature select the new Escape option from your Explorer menu. Note that this feature uses fuel and the motorcycle will sustain twice the usual wear and tear.


Select Configure Options from the menu to adjust fuel use, wear rate, carry weight, and saddlebags capacity parameters. You can also use this menu to disable the Explorer and return to normal fast travel. Note that if you disable wear you will not encounter any failures to start as described in the RIDING section above.


Sometimes when you arrive the Explorer may not be ideally positioned. You can drag the Explorer forward, backward, left, and right by holding the Grab key (default z key) and walking in the desire direction. Release the Grab key to terminate the drag. While dragging the motorcycle you will not be able to look around or turn (after all you are dragging a several hundred pound motorcycle). If you want to rotate the motorcycle press the left or right arrow key to rotate it in that direction. Be careful of the terrain because your motorcycle can fall over at the end of a drag. If that happens, you can attempt to stand it up by tapping the Grab key. If you can’t get it to stand up move it to level terrain and try again. Note that in order to drag or rotate your motorcycle you have to see the Activate prompt.


Your Explorer comes with the Desert Shadow paint job. Four additional paint jobs are available and are earned by accumulating miles. These paint jobs are on display at the dealership. Activate the desired paint job to get the mileage requirement for it. Your Explorer will inform you each time you have earned a new paint job. You can switch among all of the earned paint jobs at the dealership whenever you want at no charge; so have fun showing your colors!

Graphical Tweaks

Persistent Skill Books (by Tukka).

  • Makes it so skill books no longer disappear after reading them. Now you can build a library with something other than burned books! This works with the Book Perk mod as well.

Projectile Fix (by jayfoxx)

  • Changes the mesh and texture for bullets to match the actual caliber/type of round being fired. Nice effect in the VATS sequences.
  • Also removes the tracer effect from bullet firing weapons. Makes it more realistic and harder to tell where from you're being shot.
  • Optional Restore Tracers (Optional FWE Module) Restores some of the traces to weapos that are removed by the projectile fix mod, for those who can't live without their tracers!

Quest Tweaks

Outcast Tech Recovery

Inclusion of a modified version of T3T's "Outcast Tech Support" mod along with changes to the reward schedule. This expands the range of tech you can provide to the outcast, as well as expanding the ammo reward choices to include ALL ammo's used in FWE, both original Fallout ammo and those added by CALIBR.

Additionally, Protector Casdin will no longer take away your outcast armor if you start as an outcast (Alt Starts) or have gained their trust from turning in tech.