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5. Actors

FWE makes a number of changes to actors in the game, including NPC and creature stats, leveled item lists for faction equipment, AI behavior, followers, trade caravans, and much more.

Faction Overhaul

FWE incorporates a heavily reworked and expanded version of the Foes Reworked NG mod (by Tarrant), that creates much more distinction in equipment and gear between Fallout's major factions and between classess of actors within factions. The main goal of these changes is to make Fallout3 combat more challenging, even if you bring along several followers with you. This is not accomplished by just simply giving enemies more HP and damage bonuses, but by providing new and exciting enemy variants with special abilities, traits and weapons.

Faction equipment lists are reworked, so you will see the new weapons added by FWE more frequently on enemies where it makes sense. Make no mistake, this mod makes combat very difficult and I recommend not to play on any difficulty higher than 'Normal'. Also beware of Fast Travelling to dangerous areas, you could be taken by surprise and killed without much of a fighting chance when you arrive.

Talon Company

  • Talon Company has a new, higher level soldier known as the Talon Company Staff Sergeant.
  • TC equipment is now in slightly better condition relative to Raider gear. Their level of weaponry has also been improved, though slightly. Both of these changes reflect their status as a military organization, which should have better gear than futuristic bandits.
  • TC mercs now wear multiple different kinds of head gear including wraps, bandanas, glasses, and their own combat helmets. This should reduce the 'clone factor' of seeing four TC mercs that all look identical.
  • TC mercs are now named according to combat role and rank in TC, culminating with the Staff Sergeant.


  • Four new types of Raider have been added to the leveled lists
  • Marauder - Wandering the wastes looking for adventure and whatever they can plunder, these vagabonds are stronger than other raiders and carry much better gear. Their wanderlust has gifted them with experience and strengthened their cold instinct for the kill.
  • Pit Dogs - Reared in Raider pit fights, these former slaves know of no comfort other than the spray of blood and the cheers of frenzied onlookers. Given their freedom in adulthood, they fight in their metal gladiator's armor alongside their former masters.
  • Medicine Men - The raider also fears death, though he masks it in cruelty and violence. With the last remnants of organized religion gone, the barbarians of the wastes have turned to the shamanic faith of the woodlands and the night skies. The Medicine Men administer this new faith, and their only sacrament is battle.
  • Fallen Brothers - Not all of the Brotherhood Outcasts adhere to their original precepts. Some, seduced by the power they could weild among the undisciplined raiders, left their former organization entirely and now serve as captians among the malicious hordes.
  • Raiders now wear more head gear, including wraps, bandanas and biker goggles. They should now look less generic, and the stronger raiders will be recognizable to the discerning eye based on their garb.

Super Mutants

There are 4 tiers of Super Mutants that appear as the player levels (Low, Mid, High, BrokenSteel)

Tier 1

  • Super Mutant Basher - An 8 foot tall, 800 lb muscled monster wielding a sledgehammer is not a threat to be taken lightly by young characters.
  • Super Mutant Infantry - Wields a variety of assault rifles and is more than happy to lay down a lot of damage.

Tier 2

  • Super Mutant Gunner - A staple of the Super Mutant squad, he packs heavy weapons like M60s, Miniguns or Flamers.
  • Super Mutant Breaker - A Super Sledge and a Super Mutant make a naturally dangerous combination.

Tier 3

  • Super Mutant Berserker - Without weapons or armor, abusing chemicals to enhance their abilities but paying the price in sanity. Known as the Berserkers, these are among the biggest, strongest and most blood-crazed humanoids alive. Due to their their great Unarmed skill and strength, they can knock you temporarily senseless and blind, momentarily helpless, scrambling to orient yourself and keep moving to save yourself from more blows. Should your followers take a hit like that, most of them will crumple to the ground at the Berserker's feet.
  • Super Mutant Grenadier - Usually packing missile launchers and grenades, but sometimes trading them off for something else if the whim hits them.
  • Super Mutant Hunter - A terror when encountered by a mid-level player. A Super Mutant energy weapon specialist. He will stand at a medium distance, perhaps unnoticed by your followers, and lay down extraordinarily high damage with a plasma rifle or laser rifle. If you don't notice that he has joined the fight, he might burn you and your followers into the ground before you know it.

Tier 4 - Elite Supermutants (Only if using Broken Steel)

  • Super Mutant Overlord Breaker - No-one can stand up to the sickeningly-powerful blows from his Super Sledge for long. He can knock you senseless like the Berserker, but does more damage and is much harder to kill.
  • Super Mutant Overlord Hunter - He packs a Tri-Barrel Laser Rifle and is more skilled with it than you will ever be. He slaughters your health at range.
  • Super Mutant Overlord Gunner - In his steady, strong hands, a high-quality Laser Gatling Gun becomes an instrument of destruction. Assuming you kill him, feel free sell the valuable weapon to restock your stimpack supply since it's probably been lightened by the confrontation.
  • Super Mutant Overlord Grenadier - Knocking the Missile Launcher out of his hands is possible, but not always what you want to do. The wave of plasma grenades that can come your way afterward may not be to your liking. Running right up to him won't make him break off his attack, he 's more than happy to drop a missile or grenade right in your face without care for his own safety.

Other Supermutant Changes:

  • All MeleeUnarmed Super Mutants run faster than normal.
  • Berserkers, Super Mutant Overlord Bashers, and the Behemoth have a special attack. They will frequently hit with such power that it blinds and disorients you. You are semi-paralyzed for a moment, unable to fight and maybe even unable to move. This also affects followers, but they don't stand up to it as well as you do, they collapse helplessly to the ground when hit like this. This effect rotates among the Mutants present who can do the special attack. This means that it can stack on the same target repeatedly if enough Mutants who can do the attack are present, which is pretty much a death sentence for the target. Manage your fights so that this does not happen!
  • Behemoths are now team players. When the Behemoth is not attacking you, it will often charge among your followers, knocking them to the ground repeatedly instead of always focusing on pounding one target. This makes your followers less able to contribute to the fight and makes the enemies focus more on you.
  • Some encounters cannot be survived without extreme care, setup, and strategy. You can see tier 3 and 4 mutants as early as around level 13.

Melee to Gun Spawn Ratio

Adjusted the ratio of gun to melee spawns for raider and super mutant factions. Two of every three spawns for these factions will be a melee equipped NPC/creature, and one of every three will be a gun equipped NPC/creature. This will reduce the amount of ammunition available in the game world from looting, and may provide a greater range of encounter types between factions.

Optional Worn Weapons (Optional FWE Module)

  • FWE includes an optional module that reduces the quantity of good condition weapons seen in leveled lists across the wasteland, the effects of which are most prononced among lower tier spawns. This module creates new "worn" weapon variants for the more common weapons in the wasteland (10mm weapons, hunting rifles, etc.). These weapon variants will show up on all relevant leveled lists for encounters INSTEAD of their normal (i.e. good condition) versions. The worn weapons have greatly reduced max condition (so they break more often), do slightly less damage, and have worse accuracy. They also do not accept mod kits from WMK! The names of worn weapon's have been pre-fixed with an appropriate "janky" sounding adjetive to signify their status.
  • Normal (good condition) weapons will start appearing on leveled lists at a higher level, although at a reduced occurance compared to the worn varieties. The lowest tier of most factions will rarely have good condition weapons, while the highest tier of opponents have moderate chance for good condition weapons.
  • In addition, an even higher proportion of spawns are now melee based instead of gun based. While this might appear to favor the player, it does mean there is significantly less ammo available from defeated enemies, and can provide some relief for melee based characters.

Creature Features

FWE includes a re-built version of Mihoshi333's "Monster Perk's Addon for MMM" as a functional mod into FWE, even if not using MMM. This feature adds perk effects to many creatures, including super mutants, ghouls, robots, yau gaui, deathclaws, scorps, and more. Most notably, various creates now recieve the toughness perk (of which FWE has up to 5 ranks) to provide DR protection for creatures and a modified nerd rage perk to make close combat opponents real nasty as their health gets low.

The health formula for NPC health is the same as for the player character. Previously, NPC's had a minor health penalty.

AI + Combat Behavior

FWE incorporates a modified version of Arwen's smarter AI module (originally based on Taylorsd's Combat Enhanced Package (CEP). This features makes the following major changes:

  • NPCs are much more likely to take cover during combat, will reload under cover, search for cover while moving towards you, and will often fire from cover.
  • NPCs now dodge much more realistically (are much less able to dodge bullets).
  • PCs open ammo boxes and containers to equip themselves with better weapons and explosives. You'll now be competing more with the NPCs, so these items will now be much harder to come by.
  • Most NPCs will now attempt to flee/retreat to survive (much less likely to make suicidal attacks). This also applies to mutants, wild dogs and mole rats.
  • NPCs are now much less predictable. For example, snipers will now wait up to 35 seconds before firing (increased from an 11 sec. maximum wait in the default game).
  • NPCs (and some creatures) are now much more likely to stop attacking after their victim if it is rendered unconscious.
  • Super Mutants are now a bit more aggressive

Followers Enhanced (FWE Optional Module)

FWE includes an optional "Followers Enhanced" module that significantly changes how companions function. There is both an Broken Steel version and a Non-Broken Steel version of this mod. Use only one version. If using one of these optional modules, you will see the following changes:

  • Companion stats slightly improved to compensate for the extra challenge [credits: Better Companions].
  • Companion weapons now require ammunition but can be used by the player as well.
  • Companions are set to essential.
  • The unconscious timer is increased to 90 seconds (from 10). Once your companions are down in combat, they will likely be out of action for the remainder of the fight.
  • You can now have multiple companions (0 to 5) at once based on your karma [credits: 0h Followers]. This option can be customized as well.

Supported Mod Configs ( Followers Enhanced )

Option 1 - One follower (plus Dogmeat, Vanilla)

Option 2 - 1 Follower per 2 Charisma (FWE Default)

Option 3 - One Follower per 1 Charisma

Option 4 - Unlimited Followers

  • The karma requirements for hiring and retaining companions have been tweaked to allow a little more flexibility.
  • Integrated b3w4r3's Remote Control Companion mod . This mod adds a "command headset" to your apparel tab, that let's you give orders to your companions remotely, including group orders. Orders include follow (variable distances), wait, relax, etc. This headset can be hotkeyed to allow you to quickly issue orders to your companions.

Companion Healing Overhaul

Companions now much more lifelike, and will use stimpaks and chems in and out of combat to heal themselves and improve their fighting abilities. The following changes apply to all companions except Dogmeat.

All followers are marked essential but they require supplies to keep up their health (i.e. no autohealing). For the six human/humanoid followers (Charon, Jericho, Clover, Star Paladin, Butch, and Fawkes) they need Stimpaks to heal and medical braces and surgical supplies to heal crippled limbs, just like the player. If they have these supplies in their inventories, they will handle all of their health maintenance themselves.

Stimpaks will heal for 50% of the followers max health PLUS a bonus based on the player's medicine skill (equal to your medicine skill / 4; as a percentage). 100 medicine, you'r companions heal for +75% of their base condition when they use a stimpak. Stimpaks also heal the condition of all six body parts (head, torso, left leg, right leg, left arm, and right arm) by the same percentage. Body part condition ranges from 0 to 100 percent. A crippled limb has a condition of zero.

In combat, followers will automatically use Stimpaks if their health falls below 25% or if the condition of any of their six body parts falls below 25%. No healing is applied to crippled limbs during combat and stimpaks heal over 5 seconds (like the player).

During combat Stimpaks have a 15 second cool-down. So if a follower is taking heavy damage he or she won’t be able to Stimpak themselves out of trouble instantly. Again, crippled limbs cannot be healed during combat. However, in combat followers will also use Morphine, Psycho, and Buffout to help themselves in dire situations.

  • Morphine: When the follower gets a crippled limb or the follower has less than two Stimpaks (for DR boost)
  • Psycho: When and enemy's health is over 300 or the player's health (not the follower's) is below 25%.
  • Buffout: When the number of enemies in the fight is over six or if the follower is using melee/unarmed attacks and the number of enemies is over 3

Out of combat, if health or limb condition is below 50%, the companion will use a stimpak to heal (as above). Furthermore, if any limb is crippled, during this action, a check will be made to see if they have a medical brace or surgical supplies in their inventory. If medical braces are present, crippled arms and legs will be restored. If surgical supplies are present, the head and torso can be restored. Only one medical brace is needed to heal all crippled arms and legs. One set of surgical supplies will heal both a crippled head and torso. There is a chance (as with triage) for the follower to recover the brace/supplies, which ranges from 50% to 100% depending on the players medicine skill.

Out of combat followers will also use RadAway if their radiation level is 200 or more (RadAway cures 100 rads) and RadX if the radiation level is 5 rads per second or higher for the area they are occupying.

Health is no longer automatically restored after battle. If a follower is knocked out during battle he or she will wake with 10% of his or her health. Limb conditions will be what they were when the follower was rendered unconscious.

Sergeant RL-3

Sergeant RL-3 is handled a little bit different. As a robot it doesn’t use drugs, it is immune to radiation, and doesn’t suffer from crippled limbs. It uses a variety of spare parts (scrap metal, conductors, sensor modules, fission batteries, and repair parts) to perform repairs. These parts improve its overall condition (health) and limb condition in a manner similar to the way stimpaks heal the human/humanoids followers. The major difference is that the player's repair skill not medicine skill influences the effectiveness of the spare parts.

Spare parts will heal by +50% of RL-3's max health PLUS a bonus based on the player's repair skill, equal to your repair skill / 4 (as a percentage). i.e., at 100 repair, RL-3 heals for +75% of its base condition when it uses any spare part. Spare parts also heal the condition of all six limbs (head, torso, left leg, right leg, left arm, and right arm) by the same percentage. Crippled limbs (i.e., limbs with a condition of zero) do not require any special equipment to be repaired and can be repair during combat.

Companion Healing During Sleep

All followers heal while the player sleeps at a rate of 12.5% of their maximum health points per hour (for main health and uncrippled limbs). Waiting does not cause any healing. So they will heal to 100% over 8 hours.

Follower Condition Report and Hand-On Maintenance

As long as you provide your followers with the appropriate supplies they will automatically manage their health and wellbeing. However, there are times that you might want to take a more hands-on approach. A new dialog option has been added to the followers. If you ask “What’s your condition?” you will be presented with a menu interface that allows you to see and manage their overall health status. The six human/humanoid followers use the same reporting and management menus. RL’s is different because there is less to control.

For the human/humanoids followers there are two menus. The first menu provides overall status and the second menu detailed limb status. On the overall status menu you see overall health, radiation level, the number of Stimpaks, the number of RadAways, and what drugs (Morphine, Psycho, and Buffout) are currently in effect. If Stimpaks are available and the follower’s health is less the 100% you can direct the follower to use a Stimpak. Remember that Stimpaks also provide healing to limbs as well. If RadAway is available and the follower’s radiation level is above zero you can direct the follower to use RadAway. On the Limb Detail Menu you can see the condition (0% to 100%) of all six limbs and the number of Stimpaks, medical braces, and surgical supplies available. The Limb Detail menu will also tell you what crippled limbs the Stimpaks will be able to heal base on the availability of other medical supplies. For example, if you have a medical brace the stimpaks will be able to heal crippled arms and legs but not a crippled head or torso.

For Sergeant RL-3 its overall condition, the condition of its six limbs, and the number of repair parts is display on the same menu. You can direct it to use repair parts to improve its general condition which also improves its limbs slightly to focus on repairing a particular limb.

Note that the condition menus may take up several seconds to appear and change so be patient.


Caravans are improved in a number of ways to better survive in the harsh wasteland. [credits: Caravan's Upgraded]

  • The trade caravan's now have four unique, named guards per caravan, armed with an more distinct set of equipment. Crow Guards all have better armor. Doc Hoff's have meds that keep them from dying as quickly. Crazy Wolfgang's have a missmatch of armor, and weapons, but never both on the same person. Lucky Harith's have powerful weapon, by weak armor.
  • The source mod is altered so carvan's no longer respawn if killed.