The Idea

In everyday situations, lying is used as a defense mechanism to avoid trouble in job interviews, student admissions, c

rime investigations, court-room interrogation, and terrorist identification. Figuring out when someone’s lying may not be easy every time. A very common technique used to detect the validity of a statement is the use of a polygraph lie detector, in the presence of a psycho physiologist. The polygraph monitors a person’s physiological reactions, as the examiner questions the subject. Analysis of these body reactions measured by the polygraph is carried out by the examiner to determine the truth of the subject’s statement.


This project is about a real world model of a lie detector using fuzzy neural networks. The standard lie detector used today is simply a polygraph to gauge human bodily reactions to questions, the response to which can be faked with some practice and as such is not counted as evidence in court. The lie detector proposed here tries to circumvent the need for a trained psycho physiologist through the use of FNN, aiming to make the evidence of such a test acceptable in court procedures