This is a $10 invitation only event, for 50(ish) Mile Club members and other select individuals. Friday5K invites you to experience the most thrilling 5K event imaginable. Picture a race where every participant has a chance to win. Where the field of runners gets closer to each other as the event takes place, and the first place finisher and last place finisher are potentially separated by only a few strides at the finish.  This race could be your reality on Friday June 14, 2019.


Though anyone is welcome to watch, participation is guaranteed to 50(ish) Mile Club inductees and other select recently passionate members. See the following table of current invitees and their departure times. [Departure times are subject to change based on the performance in Friday5Ks prior to the event.]

50(ish) Mile Club Invitational


A quasi-prediction run employing a countdown timer and departure times assigned to participants based on their best age graded performance in their 10 most recent appearances as Friday5K


Lake Harbor Park, MI at 6:30 PM.  
The official starting line is accessed by walking under the Lake Harbor bride to the old portion of Lake Harbor Rd.
Here is a link to the map.


Hint: Races are held on the first non-prime numbered Friday in June, July and August.

Race Dates

6/14/2019 - Mona Lake Derby

7/12/2019 - Lake Harbor Cup

8/9/2019- Forest Park Stakes


  • This will be an invitation only private event with invitations being extended to 50(ish) Mile Club/ Hall of Fame members.

  • The fee to participate in each race is $10

  • There will only be race day registration and only cash accepted

  • Friday5K will retain 40% of the total proceeds and it will be added to the general fund for Friday5K

  • Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in a 30%:20%:10% ratio of the total proceeds, to the nearest $10 increment.

    • Example: 47 participants, total proceeds of $470.  

      • 40% = $188 rounded to the nearest $10 = $190

      • 30% = $141 rounded to the nearest $10 = $140

      • 20% = $94 rounded to the nearest $10 = $90

      • 10% = $47 rounded to the nearest $10 = $50

  • Participants will not wear their Friday5K race bib, instead a race bib with their departure time will be issued at the start of each race, as departure times are constantly in flux based on ten most recent results.

  • Unlike Friday5K, official times will not be recorded or published, but a video record will be published on YouTube.

  • Participants must arrive in time to have their bib issued to them before the 6:30 commencement of the countdown clock.

  • Based on interest in the events a trophy will be awarded to the overall finisher in each race.