Creeper Van Medal is not known for giving away swag, but this may be the year we make an exception.  Artists have been commissioned to fashion the most prestigious medal you are ever likely to receive. I am thrilled to introduce the 3" die cast Creeper Van Medal.
Creeper Van Medal 
Fully embracing the irreverence on which was built we offer to you the potential to receive the Creeper Van Medal. If we reach the goal of this threshold, 100 hundred Creeper Van Medals will be commissioned. To earn the medals we will treat the first nine races of the season as one race, and member's PRs for the season will be their submission of the results.  Medals will be awarded at the final race of the season to those members finishing in the top three places in their gender age group.  Medals will also be awarded to overall male and female and overall male and female master for the season.

Using the aforementioned criteria, but with 2016 data, the results for the concept would look like this. Note: This table reflects the first 9 races of data.  I am choosing this method to distribute the medals at the last race of the season, and though I do record real time results, they are not official until I audit them through visual analysis.  The conclusion is you had better put forth your best effort sometime in the first 9 races of the season if you want to receive a medal at the 10th.