In conjunction with "League Play", assassins can now work their way up the ranks. Every Friday5k member is eligible for the rankings. Even if you aren't a member of a "Band of Assassins," you can still work your way up the ranks as a "Rogue Assassin".  There are 10 levels of "Race Assassins" and you work your way up the levels by accumulating "Assassin Points" (1 point for each person you dispatch at each race on an "Age Graded" basis, plus a point for attending). The points are multiplied by your attendance since joining the "LRA" [League of Race Assassins].

As you work your way up you become 'hardened' and therefore each level is associated with a GemStone of increasing hardness.

Each level is progressively harder to achieve, based on the Fibonacci numeric sequence.

The following table shows the current all time Race Assassin Ranking
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