• The race will take place at Beachwood Park in Muskegon.  The following link is a map of the course and location of the park.
  • The race starts at 6:30 PM. 
    • I, your race director, will be near the corner of Dune and Beach St facilitating the acquisition of your race bib.
      It will be helpful if you know your member number, which you can look up at www.friday5k.com under the Registration tab.  If you do know your number, state it with confidence when asking for your bib, or I will doubt you and have to check the master list.  Safety pins will also be available.
    • You should only need one bib per season, so treat it with respect and make sure to bring it to subsequent events to obtain a time.  Additional bibs are available for the recommended contribution of $1.
    • At about 6:25 there will be some brief announcements.  Things like how the course is marked, and fashion advice such as "You should wear a compression shirt."
    • At 6:27 the 3 minute countdown will commence.  From this point on not even the dream team of Thor, Mr. Spock and Count Chocula could stop the event from happening.
    • The race is not chipped timed, so at the starting line, sinners should be towards the back...  ...wait, that is church.  Slower runners should be towards the back and faster runners to the front.
  • The course is out and back, essentially using 1.55 miles of the 1.64 walking/running/bike path at the park.  The course is accurately measured in so much as you can trust anything a man tells you in regards to length. Thankfully, fibbing by a couple inches is not an obvious lie at a 5K. 
  • The race is not on a closed course, so please be mindful of others using the path and boardwalk. Apparently, non-runners have rights, though I am appealing this ruling.
  • Since we are using most of a complete circular path, you stay to your right on the way out and to your left on the way back.  The course will be marked on the ground provided the course isn't wet.  If it is raining my route arrows will not stick. Note: YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO CROSS A ROAD - IF YOU CROSS A ROAD YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE.
  • There will also be mile markers on the ground.
  • There will be arrows in a semi circle marking the turn around point.  You will need to go around the post around which the arrows circle.
  • Your finish will be caught by multiple cameras.  It is imperative that your race bib be visible on these cameras to guarantee an accurate time, though multiple timing methods will be taking place concurrently.  This event is "low key," but I take providing you an accurate time very seriously.
  • Onsite results will be available at the podium's tablet.
  • Water is not provided, but there is a public drinking fountain at the park.  If you choose to bring your own water and want to leave it at the finish line, you are welcome to place it and other personal items in my red wagon.  However, I can't be responsible for them.
  • Please be mindful of the cameras and do not stand in front of them.
  • The race typically is done by 7:30.
  • Official results are tallied and available typically by 10PM on the day of the race.
  • Finish line photos, showing finish times and pace, are typically available on FB by 10PM the day of the race.
  • The video and associated links are made available, typically by 5PM on Sunday.