How are these races FREE?

FREE is a bit of a misnomer.  Technically the value of the race is for you to decide.  For the time being, these races are only made possible through the donations from the participants.

Why Friday Nights?

Why not?  But seriously, I think that Friday nights are underrated for events like this.  You get a jump on your active weekend with people who agree with you about what is fun.  Also, it doesn't interrupt what I may want to do on the weekend.

How are the races timed?

In an effort to be as efficient as possible, for Friday Night 5Ks, your member number will be placed on a clothes pin and placed at the timing table.  Prior to the start you will retrieve your clothes pin from the table. You will race with the pin.  It doesn't matter if it is attached to you or if you carry it, but what is important is that upon crossing the finish line you place the pin back on the line in the order you crossed.  We will do our best to remind you to do this as soon as you cross as I am sure you will be exhausted.  

Do you sponsor any charities or are you one?

This is a potentially FREE event, leaving you with extra money to donate to a charity of your choice.  However, you can support these races by donating at the race.  FNFM5Ks are not a charity.  Donations are not tax deductible.  FNFM5K revenue configuration can most closely be compared to that of "Donationware".

How far out are you scheduling race?

All races are scheduled and open for registration.

What is the "collectible memento" you get for completing the event?

Though never required, if you donate at the race feel free to take a collectible dog tag memento in appreciation for your support. 

What are the awards and prizes?

Check out the Awards tab.

When is the last race of the year?

The last race of the year will be no later than Friday September, 13 2013.  

What are the age groups?

There are no age groups or age group awards.  These events will be small and do not warrant age group rankings.  However, you will be able to sort the results on this website based on traditional 5 year age groupings.

What is age graded basis?

Age grading is a way to adjust an athlete’s performance according to age and gender. The age-grading tables were developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes, the world governing body for track and field, long distance running and race walking for veteran athletes. The tables were first published in 1989.

The tables work by recording the world record performance for each age at each distance, for men and women. Where necessary, the world record performances are estimated.  The world record time is divided by your time and a percentage is created, thus the person coming closest to the world record for their age will be the winner.  You can can calculate your age graded results by using this handy calculator (Age Grading Calculator).  This will level the playing field among age groups and gender.

If I never want a dog tag can I still participate?

Registration will ALWAYS be FREE.

Can I sign up at the event?

No, all registrations need to take place prior to the event, online.  You can however register up to the moment before the race as long as you do it online.

Do you need help, I would like to volunteer?

No formal volunteering is necessary, however, I may ask participants for some minor assistance if they are interested.  Again, only if you are so inclined.  You do not need to work the event to participate.

Are jogging strollers or dogs allowed?

Some races may incorporate environments that are not conducive to strollers or dogs, so I would not recommend them.

Can I walk the event?

If you choose to walk you will need to complete the event in 55 minutes or less.

What are the water stops?

There will be no water stops, though I will provide water at the start and finish line.  In an effort to make the race setup more efficient there will only be a limited supply of water bottles at the starting line.  If you think you will need water you will need to carry your own or run with a provided water bottle.

What are the age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions, but a parent will need to provide their full legal name for the waiver portion of the registration if the participant is less than 18 on the date of registration.

What is the race address?

We are using the Norton Shores Public Library at 705 Seminole Road Norton Shores, MI 49441 to act as the center of the racing area to help you determine directions and drive times.  However, please note, due to the nature of the race, the final location will not be revealed until 24 hour prior to race time, and only then to registered participants.  

Didn't you offer real time results in the past?

Opening the races to unlimited runners (technically in the neighborhood of 100 runners) comes with some logistical issues in regards to offering instantaneous results.  However, as always, I will have a work around.  If you listen when crossing the finish line, a computer voice will announce your overall split position and exact time on a public address speaker.  If your time gets cluttered because of multiple finishers at or near the same time you should be able to ascertain your position and relative time as the last runner in the groups' split position and time will be clearly audible.  Additionally the computer voice will announce elapsed time periodically.  This may be every minute or every 30 seconds depending on its usefulness.

When will results be available?

Getting the results posted to the website will be my top priority after the completion of the race.  Typically this will take place prior to 9:00 PM, depending on the complexity of cleanup requirements of the race.

Why do you do this, what is your angle?

Ha! I promise I have no hidden agenda.  There is no pitch to sell you a time share nor is this part of a multilevel marketing plan.  That being said I would like to at least come out of this financially even, which is why I ask for donations. Besides that the events serve my interest. Everyone needs to feel useful and making people happy makes me happy.

What happened to the Pig & Puppy Chase?

The Pig & Puppy Chase really did happen, and the results and the site can be found here. Pig & Puppy Chase