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FM4 Elsa Novel

Full Name:
Front Mission 4: Elsa Volume 1-2
Type: Square Enix Official Novel Book
Publisher: GAME NOVELS, Toru Akitsu
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 15.10.2004
ISBN: 4-7575-1289-9, 4-7575-1290-2
Total Pages: About 280 x 2 pages  (44 scans)
Novel about Elsa based on the game Front Mission 4 for PlayStation 2 in two volumes. Includes some rare illustrations and text in Japanese.

Chapter list:
p.006 Prologue
p.013 Mission 1: Elsa joined
p.067 Mission 2: Elsa first battle
p.113 Mission 3: Suspicion
p.145 Mission 4: Resource Zone New Poland
p.193 Mission 5: Vagus
p.237 Mission 6: Restart
p.007 Mission 7: Batsusau
p.049 Mission 8: Border Zafutora
p.085 Mission 9: Nikolaev port
p.125 Mission 10: Iberian Mega-Float
p.197 Mission 11: Madeira
p.231 Mission 12: Final Battle
p.284 Epilogue: Group Dyurandaru

Scaner: Epson Perfection V33.
Without color correction.
Resolution: 600 dpi, 2780x4310 px
JPEG Quality: 90/100
Scanned by Oregu on 25.09.2011
Scanned only: covers, art/images, text of prologue/epilogue & beginning of the first mission.

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