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Welcome to my small fan-site for the Front Mission video game series.

I am a big fan of all that is associated with this series, especially love the Wanzers.

There are currently several projects are planned:
- Scanning guidebooks
- Video editing of captured videos from the FM5
- Creating a 3D models of Wanzers
- Draw a few illustrations

The list of books which are already scanned by me:
Front Mission 3 Perfect Works Material Collection (Artbook, 1999)
Front Mission 4: Elsa (Novel, 2004) [Art Only]
Front Mission Comics (Manga, 1995)
Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard (Manga, 1996)
Front Mission ~The Drive~ (Manga, 2007)
Front Mission 3 Postcard Book (Artbook, 1999)
Front Mission - in Huffman (Artbook, 1995)
Front Mission Alternative Guide Book (Guidebook, 1997)
Front Mission Alternative Official Guidebook (Guidebook, 1998)

My contact:
E-mail - oreguru@gmail (dot) com

Some cool videos from FMA that I found on YouTube. Bring back memories :)
by MiyamotoFallDown (Mission 24 TAGIT)
by hinfuku967