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Far East Movement [unofficial] Comic
Latest Episode!  
A Night in the Life of Mark (aka FM[u]3) just droppedddd! Sorry for the whole 24 hours late thing!
Hope you like it and let us know! fmuc.the.movement@gmail.com


FM‎‎‎‎[u]‎‎‎‎C #2 - Pet Please

FM[u]C #2 - FM & the Story of the Brass Monkey ft Colette Carr, Nora Mermaid & Arven!

!!! FM‎‎‎[u]‎‎‎C #1 !!!

FM[u]C #1 - Shades Gentlemen (Debut April 29, 2011!)
well, that was the date in Australia...

FM[u]C twitter

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Hey and hello all. We are the FM[u]C and we where wondering if you wanted to join our movement.  Basically, we are Far East Movement fans who decided one night that it would be awesome to have a Far East Movement [unofficial] Comic.  It took one free wired idea to create the FM[u]C and now its the movement!  Check out our Who Are We page for more about us. 

Please spread the word because you have NO IDEA how time consuming this comic already is!  By telling people, you are making it worth the while.  If you have any questions we would love to answer (most) of them so just let us know either on our tumblr (http://fmuc-the-movement.tumblr.com/) email us (fmuc.the.movement@gmail.com) twitter us (@FMuCthemovement), http://fmuc.blogspot.com/

If you want to be amongst the first to know about any pro(h)gress we make on the comic, send us an email and we’ll add you to the mailing list.  Also, we will let you know when we have our Facebook page up, running and viewable.

P.S. Did you like the whole pro(h)gress thing? Get it progress… proHgress? Haha! Well I found it funny.

LMFAO sorry people!  We cant wait to share the comic with you all!  We're really happy with it so far, but we're bias, so in a little while, you’ll be able to judge for yourself and give us some feedback!