What do we do ?
        We devotes on the R&D of the RF technics and has a great team for the development on the simulation of the V/UHF frequency band and digital RF electro-circuit. We are welcome the RM electro-circle development project which is among 10MHz~4Ghz and under 150W.
        FMuser provides a wide range of product choices for customers. We self-produce and co-develop all kinds of high or low power FM transmitter、county broadcast FM transmitter、campus broadcast FM transmitter、car FM transmitter、wireless media、data – transfer products and sell good- quality wireless products with fair price from home and abroad. 

 Where are we?
      We are in China ,Guangdong,Guangzhou City(Canton).
      If you travel to Guangzhou (Canton),wellcome to our company ,we are very neer the Garden Hotel.
      Address: Yuexiuqu ,hengfulu 71hao 203fang,guangzhou,guangdong,China

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 How can You contact me?
Phone NO. : +8620 33698482
FAX NO. :+8620-83581309(China)
Email: comeon2008@gmail.com
MSN: comeon2008@hotmail.com
SKYPE: tomleequan

0.5W FM Transmit

5W-6W FM Transmi

15W FM Transmitt