Student Success Recognition

Term Student Success

Each month, we recognize students who have shown outstanding success in one of the areas we work towards improving throughout the school year in our Success Assemblies.  We focus not only on academic achievement, but also students who demonstrate excellence in our District Core Values and the virtues we celebrate in school.  We also are happy to hear about any outside of school successes and take those into account as well when we know about them.

The students recognized in the 2014-2015 School Year are:

                                7E                        7F

September:       Matthew S.         Ackheele A.

October:            Stefani S.            Amber B.

November:        John J.                Gabrielle D.

February:          Allison T.             Jacob H.

Year End Student Success

Below is a list of awards which are normally given out at the end of the school year in June.  There may be some changes depending on student achievement and special circumstances.

Student Success - Whatever It Takes!!