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Course Description

 The Grade Seven Social Studies course was a new curriculum implemented for the 06/07 school year.  The goal of the program is to develop key values and attitudes, knowledge and understanding and skills and processes necessary for students to become active and responsible citizens, engaged in the democratic process and aware of their capacity to affect change in their communities, society and the world.

  This year, we will explore the concept of citizenship and identity by looking at a variety of contemporary issues and by examining the history of Pre and Post Confederation Canada.  We will begin by studying the origins and histories and movements of the peoples who forged the foundations of the Canadian Confederation.  Then we will explore key figures and events that have helped to define our identity as a nation by examining how the political, demographic, economic and social changes that have occurred since Confederation have influenced ways in which contemporary Canada has evolved.

We will be following the outcomes laid out in the Program of Studies from Alberta Ed.


Text: Voices and Visions

Video: Canada – A People’s History Series

Student Performance Assessment

Students will be assessed using a number of methods, both formative and summative.  Many in-class activities are designated formative, such as worksheets, discussions, assignments, etc., which help the student and the teacher to aid in instruction and to determine progress.  While formative assessments will be assessed, normally using the general rubric, the mark from these assessments will not be counted in the final grade on the report card.

Each unit will also feature a number of summative strategies, which may include tests, projects, portfolio specimens and presentations.  These marks, along with the final exam in June will make up the final report card mark.  Marks will be determined on a running format.

For more information on the grading process, please see the Assessment Policy.

For specifics about the assessments used in each unit, please see the individual unit plans.


Marking Breakdown

Formative Assessments – 0%

Summative Assessments – 85%

Final Exam – 15%

Course Outline  (see class calendar for specific dates)

                      Title                                                                     Sessions                

·         Course Introduction                                                    2                    

·         Unit 1              Aboriginal Societies                          10                    

·         Unit 2              The French In North America           13                   

·         Unit 3              The British in North America            10                    

·         Unit 4              The Fur Trade                                   7                     

·         Unit 5              War and Peace                               13                    

·         Unit 6              Becoming Canada                          14                  

·         Unit 7              Confederation                                 12                   

·         Unit 8              The Metis                                         8                   

·         Unit 9              The Growth of the West                  8                  

·         Unit 10            Expanding Confederation              10                    

·         Unit 11 & 12    Immigration                                    10                  

·         Unit 13 & 14    A New Canada                              10                   

·         Post Unit        Course Conclusion                           8                    


Total:  135

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