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Course Description

The following goals for Canadian science education are addressed through the Alberta science program. Science education will:

  • encourage students at all grade levels to develop a critical sense of wonder and curiosity about scientific and technological endeavours
  • enable students to use science and technology to acquire new knowledge and solve problems, so that they may improve the quality of their own lives and the lives of others
  • prepare students to critically address science related societal, economic, ethical and environmental issues
  • provide students with a foundation in science that creates opportunities for them to pursue progressively higher levels of study, prepares them for science-related occupations, and engages them in science-related hobbies appropriate to their interests and abilities
  • enable students, of varying aptitudes and interests, to develop a knowledge of the wide spectrum of careers related to science, technology and the environment.

We will do this by exploring the outcomes set forth in the Program of Studies over the course of the year.


Resources will include a Science Focus 7 Textbook and 5 teacher created workbooks handout at the beginning of every unit.

Student Performance Assessment

 Students will be assessed using a number of methods, both formative and summative.  Many in-class activities are designated formative, such as worksheets, discussions, assignments, etc., which help the student and the teacher to aid in instruction and to determine progress.  While formative assessments will be assessed, normally using the general rubric, the mark from these assessments will not be counted in the final grade on the report card.

Each unit will also feature a number of summative strategies, which may include tests, projects, portfolio specimens and presentations.  These marks, along with the final exam in June will make up the final report card mark.  Marks will be determined on a running format.

For more information on the grading process, please see the Assessment Policy.

For specifics about the assessments used in each unit, please see the individual unit plans.


Marking Breakdown

    Formative Assessments – 0%

    Summative Assessments – 85%  

    Final Exam – 15%

Course Outline


Unit 1 Introductions and Ecosystems

Unit 3 Heat and Temperature

Unit 5 Planet Earth

Unit 4 Structures and Forces

Unit 2 Plants for Food and Fibre

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