Re-Submission of Work

Re-Submission of Work Policy


In order to give our students as many opportunities for academic success, the following expectations are in place for students who require a chance to re-do their assessments.  This is not meant to encourage poor study habits or lower our standards for academics.  Students are expected to be participating in class, completing their assignment on time in the order they are given out in class, study for tests and put their best effort forward.

Circumstances, however, sometimes arise, that a student may need the option to go back, seek help, learn the material and demonstrate that they now are able to meet the desired outcomes for the assessment. This may be because of an absence from class, a situation outside of school, like being away for a sports tournament, or having difficulty understanding a concept and requiring extra help.  Also, once a piece of work has been marked and handed back, a student may realize where they went wrong and be able to show they now understand. For those students who are able to demonstrate that they have learned what was required, we will provide am opportunity for them to do so, with certain guidelines.


Formative work must be submitted before the final unit assessment. Formative work is the "practice" work of a unit and must be submitted before the “test”.  Doing the "practice" after the “test” is not helpful to the student.  We use the example of a driving test with the students.  Waiting till after one fails their driving test I too late to go to driving lessons.  If a student wants to do the formative work after a test, they are more than welcome to and the teacher will assist them and give feedback, but it will not go into the markbook.  The reason for not including it on the markbook is, that it will not change their overall grade, since formative work, while marked, does not count towards final grades.  By leaving in the incompletes, we can better track why marks may be low on a unit test.  If we can see in the markbook that no practice was done, it shows a clear reason why the final unit assessment may have been low and indicators of poor work habits.  If formative work is entered after the test and it goes in the markbook, we have no way to track and show later, at say a parent teacher conference, the proof of "no practice".


Summative work for a unit must be re-done before the completion of the next unit.  Much of our knowledge and skills are stepping-stones.  If a student has not done the work for the previous unit and demonstrated it in the assessment, it will continue to negatively impact the following units.  Also, students distracted by re-doing work from months previous will not be fully focused on the current work.  Most units are one month to two months in duration.  This window is long enough to provide a reasonable opportunity for students to get their work in.

Special Cases: In the event of serious issues, such as a family emergency, injury, or extended absence from school, exceptions may be made. However, a meeting with the parent and teacher to discuss the reason and create an alternate plan must take place before exceptions will be granted.


Abuses: As previously stated, this policy is not designed to allow students to procrastinate or foster poor work habits.  Students who are chronically behind on their work may be required to attend sessions on “No School” Fridays, or mandated detentions.  The chance to re-submit work is also not a chance to copy another student’s work. In cases where the teacher feels the student may not actually have done the re-submitted work themselves, an alternate assignment may be required.  This also applies to a student that asks for more than one re-do.  Another chance may be permissible, but a student must explain why it is necessary and an alternate form of assessment may be required. Students will also be referred to the administration for consequences and a parent meeting requested if students are abusing the policy.


Open-Note Assessments: Occasionally, an open note format for assessments is used.  This is when we have worked on gathering information and research onto a graphic organizer or research notes, and the students are not expected to memorize a large amount of facts.  Instead we are assessing whether or not they can pick out and summarize that important facts and then employ that information on a test to answer higher-level application questions. In these cases, they are allowed to bring some notes that have been okay by the teacher.  However, in doing a re-write, bringing notes can lead to students bringing the answers they saw on a student's test and not using the notes or organizer for the intended purpose, thereby giving a false impression of the students ability.  In these cases, students have two options for open-note rewrites.  Re-write the test with no notes, or come re-do the notes or organizer one day and leave it with the teacher so it cannot be altered or added.  The teacher will then give the student back these notes to use when they return to re-do the test.


Thank you for your help and support in our attempt to provide the best opportunities for students to demonstrate their abilities and achieve academic success, as well as fostering responsible and effective work and study habits.  If you have any questions or concerns and would like to discuss in more detail, please contact your child’s teacher. 

Ms. Giroux & Mrs. Phinney

Student Success - Whatever It Takes!!