Health/Religion 7

Course Description

The goal of the Grade Seven Health course is to develop enable students to make well-informed healthy choices and to develop behaviors that contribute to the well-being of self and others. To achieve this, students require and understanding of self as a basis for healthy interactions with others and for career development and life-long learning.

Religious education is an essential and integral part of life and culture in a Catholic school. Through it, students are invited to develop the knowledge beliefs, skills and values needed to build a relationship with God and community through the person of Jesus Christ. Religious education shares the same goals as the health curriculum, that is the developments of the whole person in all their dimensions – physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual.

We will be following the outcomes laid out in the Program of Studies from Alberta Ed.

Class Schedule

There will be two blocks of health and religion class allocated in each four-day cycle. At certain times of the year and for aiding in scheduling field trip and guest presenters, this schedule may change.

Principal Resources

Text: Believe in Me
Text: Health For Life 1

Student Performance Assessment

The Grade 7 Health / Religion course is graded on an anecdotal basis. Students will receive an “Excellent”, “Satisfactory” or “Limited” designation on report cards based on their participation and work produces in class.

Participation is a major component of this course. Each student will be assessed on each unit’s outcomes based on the E, S L scale.

Student’s class work will be assessed using a number of methods, both formative and summative. Many in-class activities are designated formative, such as worksheets, discussions, assignments, etc., which help the student and the teacher to aid in instruction and to determine progress. While formative assessments will be assessed, normally using the general rubric, the mark from these assessments will not be counted in the final grade on the report card. Each unit will have one summative assessment which will be graded on a specific rubric for that task.

Each piece of formative and summative work as well as the assessment of participation will be looked at together to gain a final grade of E, S or L for the report card. There is no final exam for Grade 7 Health / Religion.

For more information on the grading process, please see the Assessment Policy,

For specifics about the assessments used in each unit, please see the individual unit plans.

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