Donations and Volunteering Opportunities

We are always looking for things to make our classrooms better!

If you have any of the following items, at any time of the school year, feel free to send them in to your child's homeroom teacher.  Thank you so much for your support!

Year Round

Games:  New or old, broken or working, complete or even just pieces.  Some we use the whole game, some we re-purpose into new games, some we use the pieces of replace ones we have but are missing pieces for.  Most wanted - Twister, Guess Who, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, timers, dice, player tokens.

Lego: We use lego for building and for math activities.  Full sets or just random pieces, we'll take them!

Magnetic Alphabet Letters: Yup, we want them.

Adult Costumes:  Don't want that old Halloween costume? We'll take it!

Kleenex: The kids consume this by the box, frequently.  Especially during cold season.  If we have some in class, we can save time on bath rooms breaks just to wipe a runny nose.

Paper / Plastic Cups, Plates, Bowls, Cutlery and Napkins:  Leftovers from a party? We'll take it.  We always need more for our classroom celebrations.

Books: We'll take any old bust still in decent condition books for any grade level.  If they work us, we'll keep them.  If they are above or below, we'll see our colleagues in other grade levels get them.

Earbuds / Headphones: Got some airline ones left from a trip? Extra sets that came with a phone you don't use?  We'll take them!

Halloween Candy: Got some left over? We'll save you from eating it! Halloween sized candy makes the perfect classroom treats when we are doing a game, etc.  We'll take anything that is still in its packaging and peanut safe.


Decorations: We have a classroom tree that was pretty bare last year.  We'll take old ornaments and beads.  No mini lights (we're not allowed to plug them in) and no tinsel type garland (it makes a mess on the floor).

Baby Basket Items: We'll give specific details on this when the event is underway.

Party Snacks / Treats: We'll generally do a sign-up sheet, but we always have a Christmas party with donations of snacks and treats.

Other Events

Fall Family Night: 

Advent Retreat:

Pancake Tuesday:  We will need some pancake cooks and flippers, as well as some supplies.

Spring Retreat:

June Picnic:

                            Student Success - Whatever It Takes!!