When: SATURDAY, MARCH 09, 2019

Fair Participants

Registration Feb 8 - Feb 28, 2019

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February 7, February 14, February 26

HHS Room W266 @ 2:45pm

Fair Day Schedule:

9:00am -12:00pm:  Judging in the Cafeteria

3:00pm - Fair is open to the Public

4:00pm – Awards Ceremony

Winners advance to compete in the Tri-County Science Fair (April 27, 2019)

2017 Award Winners
1st Place        How age affects enthusiasm?                                          Jacob-Goldman Wetzler and Lionel Muench

2nd Place    Do middle school students really know what they think they know?             Micaela Ross

Honorable Mention
                        Does mold grow on fast food?                                                  Sofia Kaliontzakis
                               How Does Media Affect Memory?                                           Isabella DePreist-Sullivan  
                              Do video games help distract your mind from pain       Zoe Fingleton

Judge's Award for best public opinion, & science ethics.    “Designer Babies”          Max Mazer
Judge's Award for experimental apparatus                        “How loud the sound?”   Owen Druehl
Judge's Award for well explained concept                         “Will it mix?”                 Vanda Knezevic and Bianca Arnon  

2016 Award Winners
1st Place            Do Our Emotions Affect Our Perception?                                    Dahlia Seidel and Tily Zwim-Givinish

2nd Place           Is Texting Like Talking or Writing?                            Chelsea Seidel and Sara Makulec

Honorable Mention

                        How Do Different Things Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet?        Max Hoffman

                        What Drinks are the Most Acidic?                                                    William Lew

                        Calming Effects of the Human Voice                                               Mamie Rushkoff

**First year with 
Judges' Award for Technical Investment and Achievement    Do Gamers Have Better Reflexes?    James Lew, Sam Kennedy and Will Bentley
Judges' Award for Learning from the Process of Science    Does Sugar Affect Our Ability to Distinguish Taste?        Ian Ross

2015 Award Winners
1st Place      Effect of Scent on Memory                      Chelsea Seidel and Sara Malulec     

 2nd Place   What is the “Most” Random Number?      Ian Ross      

Honorable Mention    

                 The Influence of Food Packaging on Food Choices     Dahlia Seidel and Arden Pochna   

                      Estimating Density in a Colorful Way         Jeremy Sorbee and Cayla Ossen      

                     Refraction                                                    Sophia Maniero