Your 2014/15 Board of Directors.  How are we doing?  What are your ideas?  Let us know!

PTA business meetings are open to all members and are held on the third Friday of the month at 9:30 in the office conference room.  General meetings will be held in conjunction with other major events to facilitate greater membership participation (dates to be announced.) If you would like to submit an item for inclusion on the agenda at either the PTA business or general meetings, please contact one the co-presidents. Meeting minutes (and PACS minutes) will be posted within a month of the meeting.

The Standing Rules for our PTA Unit are reviewed and presented to members for adoption at the first general membership meeting of each school year, and are posted here on this site. Suggested amendments should be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to the start of the school year. 

A detailed copy of our current year budget can be downloaded from the Forms page.

The PTA office is located down the first hallway on the left of the foyer. While the PTA office door is normally locked if unattended, messages and items can be left at the main office.

Executive Committee

Tonya Lockman
(360) 224-1234

Shannon Little
Vice President, Fundraising

Michele McNamee
Vice President, Membership
(360) 647-6020

Committee Chairs

Amy Slusher
Volunteer Coordinator
(360) 820-0408

Jessie Burton
Communications Co-Chair
Grizzly Growl

Rachel Williams
Recording Treasurer
PACS Representative
(360) 738-2260

Tracy Peterson-Neinaber
(360) 510-2554

Nancy Cullinane-Selig
(360) 656-5740

J'aime Lemmer
Communications Co-Chair
Social Media/Website
(360) 671-1360