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Stationary Engines for Sale

Bamford EG1 on wooden trolley            £160.00

Wolseley WDll  on trolley                       £150.00

Ruston PT on hardwood trolley             £160.00

All engines in good running order and ready to rally

Contact 07751 496639    Maldon Essex 

Genuine Champion

8 COM Spark plugs

Brand New, in the box. Almost impossible to find.

As specified by Lister, Petter and many other engine manufacturers. So much better than the modern equivalent.

£20.00 each + £2.65 postage

Very limited numbers now available








Wanted: English scythe blades from "as good as new" condition to still having some hope of recovery from past use or neglect.

Particularly looking for Isaac Nash Crown universal type and with a serrated metal ball attached to the tang.

I will be able to collect myself.

Peter Higgs 01276 858950