PowerContact 1.0 by FMProject


        Change Note for version 1.01 

- Small bug fixes.

- Small size binary

- Direct Edit Mode with faceview edit button 

- More localizations (Japanese, etc)


Change Plan for version 1.5 (iPhone OS 4.0 support - testing now)

- multi-tasking
- in-App SMS/MMS

ToDo until version 2.0

- optional Tap mode theme (instead of bubble tap)

- shortcut dial button
- map out
- more color and icons
    PowerContact” is an beautiful contact     
    group management app for your address book.
with “PowerContact” you can
    1. create, edit and delete contact groups with your favorite color & icon.
    2. cover flow view in Landscape mode
        which you can contact people without knowing his/her names.
    3. drag & drop your contact to multiple groups.
    4. create, edit, delete and search contact.
    5. send group mail
    6. call & sms
    7. Phone keypad
    8. group display ordering.
“PowerContact” shares Apple’s contact database. Therefore, you can use your current contact information without any works.
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