Stay Connected to the Pack

Communication is key in providing a quality program to the boys.  There are lots of things going on and it can be hard to find an easy way to keep everyone up to date.  As a pack, we have chosen to use several types of communication to make it easier to keep everyone informed.  Most of these take advantage of the computer in some way.  If that does not work for you, please let your den leader or Cubmaster know.  

To see the Pack Leadership, click here.
Scouttrack E-Mail Broadcast
Our pack parent leadership group uses a program called Scouttrack to maintain records of Cub Scouts and parents.  It is the same software package used by parents to record advancements for their scouts.  This software contains updated contact information to include e-mail addresses and our parent committee has chosen to use the Scouttrack email broadcast feature to communicate important information to parent email accounts.  To keep contact information current, parents are encouraged to use the update profile feature in ScoutTrack.  

Click here to link to Scouttrack.

"Akela" Monthly Newsletter
Our pack monthly newsletter publicizing our pack's excitement and year round fun is published each month and e-mailed to pack membership who have registered their e-mail address in ScoutTrack.  It includes exciting pictures, summaries of the pack activities and announcements of upcoming events.  

Past Akela's  are archived on the pack Google Drive here: ==> Pack 262 Akela Archive.

 Pack Calendar
The Pack Calendar is displayed on the website.  This Google calendar incorporates feeds from Pack 262 ScoutTrack page, as well as Google's public US Holidays calendar.  

Follow Pack 262 on Facebook   
Facebook for Pack 262 is closed to the public and requires an administrator or current member to allow you access.  

Click here for the Pack 262 Facebook Page.

Pack 262 Website -- Your main source for information!
Our website will be the means for public posting of our information.  Where Scouttrack and Facebook are meant to deliver information by other methods, the website will be a place where you can come to find information on the web.  Looking for something?  The website should be your first stop.
Our Pack Website is

We will include
  •  Current Announcements


  •  Important Documents


  •  Past Activity Notes with notes about prior pack function rights and wrongs for future leader benefit
  •  A "contact the Pack" page for learning how to get and stay connected to what is going on with your son's Cub Scout Pack
  •  Our Pack Calendar
  •  A "What is Scouting" page to introduce new Scouts and their parents to Scouting.  This can also be used as a recruting tool.
  •  Akela Newsletter, Last twelve issues
  •  A Scout Advancement page that shows new and experienced scouts and parents what the different Cub Scout Ranks are.
  •  Important Scouting Links
  •  A Photo Album of Pack Activities
  • Den Pages showing Den activities and photos
  •  Pack Leadership page with important names, email addresses, and phone numbers
  •  Yearly assignment schedule for Dens to plan and prepare skits and flag ceremonies for Pack Meetings

 And more!!  As we grow our pack, we will grow our website to fit our needs.
The last 3 to 5 announcements will be placed on the front page, along with a calendar task/agenda list of important dates and events, but you can see a listing of all announcements by clicking the announcements link on the left side of the web page, or a full calendar view of pack dates and events by clicking the calendar link on the navigation bar.  Our goal is to make the pack website your primary source of information and a gateway to all other important scouting links you need, such as Scouttrack, Longhorn Council, Topsanah District, Online Training, Boyscouts of America, etc.  

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